SoftBank Examines Connection Between Sprint, T

AT&T also once attempted to purchase T-Mobile, but that deal fell through too after being blocked by the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice. It explored the idea in 2014, only to back down after telecom regulators made it clear they would block any acquisition of the fourth-largest USA carrier. [Full Article...]

New games specs revealed ahead of big release date

He uploaded a video that showed the Nintendo Switch OS which featured its interface, menus, and more. Retailer GameStop maintains that its entire allotment of consoles has been sold out for weeks. In a recently posted Nintendo Switch unboxing video, a line of text can be seen that explains games can be re-downloaded using the same account. Alongside is a tremendous amount of unannounced details ... [Full Article...]

Galaxy Tab S3 Leaks With Its Pen Accessory - MWC Announcement Nearby

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 has been spotted on the benchmarking website Geekbench with the mandatory Android Nougat update . We don't know what early excitement and anticipation looks like it in the market yet - and we won't until pre-orders open up - but The Investor says, based on Samsung's initial shipment goals, the company could ship 55 million units this year. [Full Article...]

Here's our first look at Federation Internationale de Football Association on Switch

Here's our first look at Federation Internationale de Football Association on Switch This is a toolkit that many developers use to build 3D games on consoles, PC, and mobile platforms. The Switch has Joy-Con controllers attach on the side of a 6.2-inch touchscreen which is wider and thinner compare to Wii U gamepad controller. [Full Article...]

Dubai to begin flying world's first passenger drone

Unbelievable leap forward in the transport world, and frankly, impressive. The drone service will use a Chinese-made EHang 184 drone that is created to carry a single passenger. EHang did not respond to a request for comment. The drones are part of Dubai's strategy on autonomous transportation, under which 25 per cent of all journeys within the Emirate are expected to be smart and driverless by ... [Full Article...]

Elon Musk: Humans Need 'Closer Merger' With Machines To Avoid Getting Terminated

All Musk knows is that if humans don't learn to adapt to have faster communication capabilities, they risk getting overrun by machines, The Verge reports . He predicts that job disruption among those who drive for a living will feel the pain gradually over the next two decades, putting 15% to 20% of the world's workforce out of a job. [Full Article...]

Why Google's Valentine's Day game is a lot darker than you think

This year, the logo is being changed every day leading up to Valentine's Day, with a mini-game for each one. Note: Tomorrow is Valentine's Day in the US. So go to and play it, if you have time. Today is the first day the doodle has displayed on Google's desktop home page as well as on mobile. [Full Article...]

Google Maps Lists Feature: How To Create And Share Your Favorite Places

Google Maps Lists Feature: How To Create And Share Your Favorite Places Using the Lists feature is easy-you just tap on the place you want to add and hit the Save icon. When opened inside of Google Maps, users can then choose to follow a shared list so it's always saved within their own " Your Places " tab. [Full Article...]

Google Home Super Bowl Commercial Sets Off People's Google Home Units

Those commands seem to have caused many devices to spring into action in homes across the country. For one, Google spent on a one-minute ad to introduce the new Google Home. Honestly, the video is the clearest explanation so far of what Google Home is about. They weren't alone, either, with a raft of complaints quickly popping up on the social network. [Full Article...]

Springbok hero in hospital

Springbok hero in hospital Joost's leadership, motivational skills and intense passion were also admired and he was fortunate to have captained the Springboks 10 times in an worldwide career spanning 89 Tests and scored an uncharacteristically high amount of tries for a scrum half - 38. [Full Article...]

Apple to begin producing iPhones in India

It applied to open Apple Stores in India previous year, but was reportedly rebuffed because of a diktat that states foreign retailers must source 30% of their products locally. When production begins, it will make India only the third country globally to host the production of the highly-popular iPhone devices. Apple CEO Tim Cook had discussed the possibility of manufacturing with Prime Minist... [Full Article...]

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has a new quarterback: Justin Bieber

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has a new quarterback: Justin Bieber Just over a year ago, Justin tweeted he wanted to be in Super Bowl commercial. The artist introduces himself as the "Celebration Expert", and begins the video by noting that "first, there was the high five". New England Patriots' star Rob Gronkowski and retired legend Terrell Owens also make cameos. Gronk throws the ball down and says "touchdown!" "We got the shimmy, we got the shake, and the ... [Full Article...]

Uber opens its ride-sharing network to self-driving Daimlers

Uber's deal with Volvo introduced the company's first self-driving cars onto the streets of Pittsburgh. It's not clear when exactly the autonomous cars will be available or the financial terms between them. The team-up is the second alliance Uber has struck with a auto maker in pursuit of its goal of delivering self-driving service to users, the first of which was struck with Volvo and resulted... [Full Article...]

Amazon's Q4 net sales up but forecasts dip in Q1 profit

Guggenheim analysts disclosed their opinion on, Inc. (NYSE:GG) might hit $18.03, however, the High Price Target and Low price Target are $28 and $14.5, respectively. The correct version of this piece can be accessed at [Full Article...]

PS4 Pro 'Boost Mode' improves performance on some older games

PS4 Pro 'Boost Mode' improves performance on some older games While it is possible to upgrade the hard drive that comes with the PS4, some players just want or need more storage than that, so Update 4.5 will add that option. Also like on Xbox One, the update will allow you to use any screenshot as a background for the home screen. You can now set up a custom wallpaper of your choosing. [Full Article...]

Facebook Adds New 'Discover People' Section to Mobile App

Facebook Adds New 'Discover People' Section to Mobile App Well, unlike Tinder the feature can also be used beyond dating and perhaps one can also use it for leveraging connections and getting a job. It then lets you scroll through a list of upcoming events to see who else may also be going, and when you tap into one of these, you can swipe through the profiles of the people attending. [Full Article...]

Facebook's Snapchat killer hasn't done the job yet

The stories are visible at the top with small circled profile pictures in Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook will be implementing a Snapchat-like Stories feature on its news feed and releasing it this year. Though Facebook Live already lets people use filters to sync up special effects over their faces, they have not allowed brands to participate. When Snapchat parent company Snap goes on its ... [Full Article...]

Google Waymo Performing Better Than Other Self-Driving Cars, Says California DMV

The number of disengagements fell 75% to 124 a year ago from 341 in 2015, Waymo said. It marked a 50% increase in total autonomous miles within California compared with the prior reporting period, which was two months longer than this reporting period, it said. [Full Article...]

BMW i3, Tesla Model S electric cars miss top IIHS safety ratings

The Model S earned an acceptable rating in the small overlap front crash test, precluding it from Top Safety Pick status. To qualify for the 2017 Top Safety Pick award, a vehicle must earn good ratings in all five crashworthiness evaluations - small overlap front, moderate overlap front , side, roof strength and head restraints - and come with a front crash prevention system that earns an adva... [Full Article...]

Best Partners Ever McLaren And BMW Will Work Together On Engines

In some good news for the forensically minded and desperately power-hungry, McLaren has joined forces with BMW . The promise is a higher output per capacity than ever before, with reduced emissions. The task will be led by McLaren Automotive however includes a total of six partners. Not only do they supply Bugatti with a DCT that can handle the Chiron's 1180 ft. [Full Article...]

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