Chinese foreign minister: No winners if Korea war breaks out

The sharp language came after President Donald Trump said that the "problem" of North Korea "will be taken care of", as speculation mounts that the reclusive state could be preparing another nuclear or missile test. Adding to Chinese unease, President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday that the United States was not afraid of acting alone on North Korea. North Korea is set to mark the 105 birth ann... [Full Article...]

Residents, fighters evacuate from four besieged Syria towns

At least 50 buses entered rebel-held Zabadani and Madaya near Damascus on Thursday while 100 buses and 20 ambulances arrived in Fouaa and Kefraya in Idlib province. The opposition says the deals amount to forced demographic change and deliberate displacement of Assad's enemies away from the main cities of western Syria. [Full Article...]

Turkey: Autopsies show sarin gas used against Syrian town

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson went further this week, after a ceremony in Italy where he placed a wreath at the site of a Nazi massacre from World War II. The secretary of state echoed that sentiment, saying Assad's fate "will be decided by the Syrian people". They have made it clear they want to keep Assad in power. [Full Article...]

Australia says it's ready to supply uranium to India

Australia says it's ready to supply uranium to India CECA negotiations had first began on 2011; with the last one held in September 2015. These agreements were inked after the two sides held comprehensive discussions on bilateral, regional and worldwide issues of mutual interest and concern. [Full Article...]

Trump Dodges When Asked If He Has Confidence In Steve Bannon

Trump Dodges When Asked If He Has Confidence In Steve Bannon In turn, Bannon believes Kushner and his cohorts are moving policy away from the president's populist campaign promises. And Trump didn't exactly disabuse Goodwin of the idea that Bannon is embattled. "Bannon is now leaking that Jared Kushner is calling media executives to plant negative stories on Bannon", Scarborough added. "This campaign of anti-Semitism has been driven by white suprema... [Full Article...]

Industrial production contracts 1.2% in Feb'17

Industrial production contracts 1.2% in Feb'17 It had risen by 1.9 per cent in February a year ago. India's industrial production declined unexpectedly in February on weak manufacturing activity, figures from the Central Statistics Office revealed Wednesday. The mining output rose by 3.3 per cent and that for electricity generation inched up by 0.3 per cent. However, vegetables inflation contracted by 7.24 per cent in March 2017. [Full Article...]

Malaysia interviewed, cleared 3 N. Koreans before they left

A van believed to be carrying the body of Kim Jong Nam , the half-brother of North Korea's leader, leaves the forensics wing of a hospital in Kuala Lumpur Thursday. Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar ( pix ) confirmed that police had indeed obtained statements from the three men that have been seeking refuge in the North Korean embassy since the murder of Jong-Nam. [Full Article...]

US, EU rebuke Hungary over 'anti-Soros' education law

US, EU rebuke Hungary over 'anti-Soros' education law President Janos Ader, a long-time political ally of Orban, said the legislation did not infringe academic freedom or worldwide laws and urged the government to hold talks with universities. "It's noteworthy that all of the other institutions have accepted this modest minimal condition of university equality and fairness". The legislation has attracted widespread criticism overseas, including fro... [Full Article...]

Rouhani: political reforms should be carried out in Syria

Rouhani: political reforms should be carried out in Syria Bashar al-Assad, his regime's officials as well as Khamenei, Rouhani, and the IRGC commanders who are responsible for the murder of 500,000 Syrians and displacing more than half of the population of that country, should be brought to justice. [Full Article...]

Ahmadinejad submits name for Iran election

During the registration in Iran's Interior Ministry, Ahmadinejad, expressed hope for victory. The Supreme Leader said a year ago, without naming Ahmadinejad, that the former president's candidacy is not in the interest of the Iranian people, thus calling on him not to run. [Full Article...]

5 children hurt when bounce houses go airborne in South Carolina

5 children hurt when bounce houses go airborne in South Carolina It was supposed to be a fun Saturday for those attending the carnival, reports WHNS-TV. The church put forward a statement of thoughts and prayers to all those involved. Kids fell from the air as they were thrown out of the bounce house. One of the two structures that got loose drifted into power lines owned by Duke Energy, causing an outage for about 1000 people. [Full Article...]

Fierce clashes rock Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

Fierce clashes rock Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon During the clashes between the Badr group and joint security, which erupted on Friday at least 10 people have been killed and dozens more have been injured. "The security force will be deployed throughout the camp to bring security to it, and there is no other solution", Lebanon's official National News Agency quoted a Fatah commander as saying. [Full Article...]

NO BAIL: State asks court to order mental check on Dr. Nyanzi

NO BAIL: State asks court to order mental check on Dr. Nyanzi To Mrs. Museveni's claim that government lacks the funds to fulfil her husband's electoral pledge of providing pads free to school-age girls, Nyanzi replied: "What malice plays in the heart of a woman who sleeps with a man who finds money for millions of bullets, billions of bribes, and uncountable ballots to stuff into boxes but she can not ask him to prioritize sanitary pads for poor schoolgirls... [Full Article...]

South Korean supporters of arrested ex-president to protest

A South Korean court says it has approved the arrest of ex-President Park Geun-hye over corruption allegations. The former leader, who has denied the accusations, was grilled for almost nine hours by the judge. She is accused of colluding with Choi to receive tens of millions of US dollars in bribes from Samsung's Vice Chairman Lee. Choi is now on trial, as is Lee Jae-yong, the de facto head... [Full Article...]

Is North Korea putting nuclear-tipped bargaining chip on table

Is North Korea putting nuclear-tipped bargaining chip on table Mr Trump has repeatedly criticised China for exporting more to the United States than it buys. Trump had promised during the campaign to stop what he called the theft of American jobs by China . Ross declined to say whether the United States was ready to designate China a currency manipulator, however, referring to an upcoming report in which that issue would be addressed. [Full Article...]

Malaysia Return Kim Jong-nam's body to North Korea following diplomatic row

Malaysian authorities returned the body of the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Thursday, in a deal that secured the release of nine Malaysian citizens held in Pyongyang after a drawn out diplomatic spat. "From the time negotiations began with North Korea, I made it very clear to our negotiators on two issues - that our nine hostages must come back safely, and that the ... [Full Article...]

'Only time will tell' on improving US-China trade

Citing top ranking U.S. military and intelligence officials, NBC reports that, ahead of the summit, the U.S. National Security Council presented President Trump with a proposal for the deployment of American nuclear weapons to South Korea. [Full Article...]

Xi stops in Alaska on way back to China

Xi stops in Alaska on way back to China Foremost of any discussion between the two leaders will be how to handle North Korea. In the meeting, Trump effectively urged Xi to stop attempts to undermine the Japanese administration of the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea and militarization in disputed areas of the South China Sea, according to Tillerson. [Full Article...]

London attack: Policeman's body armour failed to stop knife attack

London attack: Policeman's body armour failed to stop knife attack Dr Wilcox said to the families who were there "I wish you all well" and asked the families to pass on her condolences to those who were unable to attend. More than 35 people were injured in the attack. And 75-year-old retired window cleaner Leslie Rhodes died a day after the attack in Kings College Hospital from head injuries. [Full Article...]

Trump speaks with Egyptian president on church bombings

Before making the announcement, he had called a National Defence Council meet. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks. "The attack.will only harden the determination (of the Egyptian people) to move forward on their trajectory to realise security, stability and comprehensive development", Sisi said in a statement. [Full Article...]

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