Carrie Underwood Taking 'a Break' From Music After Grammys Performance

He also revealed how his wife was partially his inspiration for his song "The Fighter", which he performed with collaborator Carrie Underwood at the awards show. "So, we wrote the song and busbee sort of sang the girl part in his girly voice, and then we set about thinking about who would be the right voice for this and Carrie - I love, love her voice and always have. [Full Article...]

Morris Day, Bruno Mars perform Prince tribute at Grammys

On Sunday night he took on the toughest job at the Grammys: paying tribute to Prince-but he nailed it. Then, after a quick stage change, Bruno Mars emerged decked out in a purple sequined blazer that harkened back to the late Prince's iconic style. [Full Article...]

Chrissy Teigen shares hilarious drunk Snapchats after big night at the Grammys

The 31-year-old model filmed herself with husband John Legend, 38, when they returned home after the Grammy Awards in LA. Yucky, but entertaining. Teigen took to Snapchat to document her septic antics with her husband and his brother, Ron Stephens . [Full Article...]

Almost half of Netflix users 'cheat,' study shows

Almost half of Netflix users 'cheat,' study shows There's a good chance your significant other is binge-watching " Stranger Things " when you're not around. Netflix began studying the habits of streaming couples in 2013 and noticed that cheat-watching has been on the rise in the last four years. [Full Article...]

Grammys 2017: How Many Album Of The Year Winners Can You Name?

The music superstars are both nominated for three of the most coveted awards - best album, record and song of the year - at the star-studded ceremony in Los Angeles . The 59th annual Grammy Awards will air on Sunday, Feb. 12 , and it will be an awards show viewers won't want to miss. I was probably watching in 1971 when "Bridge Over Troubled Water" won Best Song, Record and Album with almost ... [Full Article...]

Apes director Matt Reeves is Warner Bros.' choice to direct The Batman

Apes director Matt Reeves is Warner Bros.' choice to direct The Batman Variety first reported that Reeves was high on the list of directors to replace Affleck, but, until recently, meetings were still being held with other filmmakers. I am still in this, and we are making it, but we are now looking for a director. Since the Warner Bros. movies based on #DC Comics have struggled to connect with critics and a broader audience in general, fans have understandably bee... [Full Article...]

Kygo Gets 50 Shades Darker on Single for the Film's Soundtrack

Kygo Gets 50 Shades Darker on Single for the Film's Soundtrack Fifty Shades Darker releases nationwide on 10 Februruary 2017. "For a couple of supposed soulmates, neither of these characters seems in love with other.their S&M love scenes play less like sex and more like an MMA match". The film, based on the 2012 book by author E.L. James, follows Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey as they continue their steamy romance - both the BDSM and "vanilla" aspects... [Full Article...]

Han Solo, meet Fleabag? Millennium Falcon may gain a CGI character

Waller-Bridge has appeared in shows including Broadchurch and Drifters and has landed smaller roles in big screen films including The Iron Lady and Albert Nobbs. The Star Wars universe has always highlighted British actors, and the Han Solo movie has already cast Emilia Clarke, a fellow Brit, in a main role. [Full Article...]

Friday The 13th's Latest Reboot Shuts Down

Instead, the studio is looking to release the film in either 2018 or 2019. Now, on to the bad news (yeah, we haven't gotten to the bad stuff yet). A source close to Friday the 13th would only say that "the production was not ready to go at this date". No official reason as to why the project has been abandoned was given by Paramount, but THR speculates that it could be something to do wi... [Full Article...]

Disney gives opening details for Avatar, Star Wars lands

Disney gives opening details for Avatar, Star Wars lands Disney's revenue decreased to US$14.78 billion in the first quarter ended December 31 from US$15.24 billion a year earlier. That beat Wall Street analyst estimates of $1.50 per share. Disney's consumer products and interactive group reported operating income of $642 million, which was down 25%. The shortfall in first-quarter revenues is pushing the stock lower, especially on the lower revenues a... [Full Article...]

Katy Perry Might Be Debuting New Music At The Grammys

Perry's social media followers are buzzing about her Grammy announcement - and her new, blonde look. A new era of Katy Perry is almost upon us! Right before the 2016 Grammys (a show that Perry did not attend ), the singer told The New York Times, " Right now I'm taking a little time . [Full Article...]

Kanye West Deletes All Pro-Donald Trump Tweets

In December, West visited Trump Tower in Manhattan to meet with the then-president-elect a few weeks after being hospitalized for "temporary psychosis". Music president and rapper Pusha T to follow suit. Kardashian West has been a vocal opponent of Trump and his policies for a while. But why? Did he realize no one man should have all that power? . [Full Article...]

Flight attendant uses training to save passenger from human trafficking

Flight attendant uses training to save passenger from human trafficking Fedrick noticed the stark contrast between the two - the girl having dirty hair who looked like she "had been through pure hell", and the well-dressed man. And sex work and human trafficking often go hand-in-hand. The story seems to have surfaced because of the recent Super Bowl that occurred in Houston , Texas. [Full Article...]

Convicted cannibal cop killer found dead in prison

Convicted cannibal cop killer found dead in prison During his trial at the Old Bailey, the court heard Brizzi was a fan of the Breaking Bad series and had been inspired by an episode of the show to dissolve PC Semple's body in acid. According to Brizzi, Pc Semple, who lived in Greenhithe, died when a dog leash he had been wearing as part of a sex game slipped. Days later, neighbors contacted police after they were overcome by a "revolting smel... [Full Article...]

'Stranger Things' reveals new teaser in surprising Super Bowl ad

'Stranger Things' reveals new teaser in surprising Super Bowl ad The Stranger Things 2017 promo video is definitely very intense, but it also gave us details on the Stranger Things Season 2 premiere date, so get that in our spoilers below! In a trailer released during the Super Bowl , the short clip starts off with a vintage commercial about Eleven's (Millie Bobby Brown) favourite food, Eggos. [Full Article...]

Kristen Stewart admits she's 'so gay' before sharing steamy lesbian kiss

Donald, if you did not like me at the time, you're not gonna probably not love me more today because I host the SNL and because I'm so gay , man! "Okay, to be fair, I do not think Donald Trump hated me", then explains the former heroine of Twilight , advancing his own theory. [Full Article...]

#BoycottBudweiser: Twitter clash over beer company's Super Bowl migration ad

#BoycottBudweiser: Twitter clash over beer company's Super Bowl migration ad On Tuesday, Budweiser released its Super Bowl ad online . A 30-second spot during the game costs more than $5m, it adds. Though advertisers are being extra careful, taking on any sort of political topic might backfire, says Mark DiMassimo, CEO of ad agency DiMassimo Goldstein. [Full Article...]

Democrats Boycott Votes On Trump's HHS, Treasury Nominees

Democrats Boycott Votes On Trump's HHS, Treasury Nominees According to CNN , the Senate Finance Committee approved Price and Mnuchin's nominations by two 14-0 votes, despite Democrats boycotting the meeting and none actually being present. Jeff Sessions to serve as attorney general. But it's a notable move, because it sets the stage for this to become a regular move - one that takes away one of the few remaining bits of real power Democrats have lef... [Full Article...]

Taylor Swift ditches Zayn for stripped-down 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever'

Swift and Malik recorded the track for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, and released a music video for the song last week. Watch Taylor lip sync to " I Don't Wanna Live Forever " above. Taylor and Zayn recently unveiled the video for the track which saw them yearning for each other at the luxury St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London surrounded by chauffers, paparazzi, bouquets and... [Full Article...]

Tamron Hall Departs NBC News

Hall said in a statement: "The last 10 years have been beyond anything I could have imagined, and I'm grateful". I'm also very excited about the next chapter. or 10 a.m. slot. "As some of you may have heard by now, our good friend Tamron Hall has chose to leave NBC News ", Al Roker said . "It's meant so much to me", Hall, 46, said in a home video posted to Twitter. [Full Article...]

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