O2 'confident' full service will be restored by tomorrow

O2 down

PROBLEMS The O2 network has reportedly gone down across the UK

Customers with the mobile phone company O2 have been left without service today after the network went down.

A third-party supplier to the company had identified a "global software issue" in their system, which primarily affected data services.

O2's problems are seemingly worldwide, and the network have confirmed they are hard at work solving the current issues.

In total, around 32 million customers are affected.

Angus Council tweeted: "All parking meters in our off -street auto parks are unavailable for use due to network issues which are now affecting a number of services UK-wide. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience".

Some voice calls are getting through but all 4G and SMS services are completely jiggered.

"I want to let our customers know how sorry I am for the impact our network data issue has had on them, and reassure them that our teams, together with Ericsson, are doing everything we can", Evans said in the written apology.

Their technical teams are working on the issue as a "high priority" and updates will be given throughout the day.

O2's internet service has gone down this morning, leaving people with phones on the network unable to access the internet.

. "We'd encourage you to use Wi-Fi wherever you can and we are really sorry".

O2 and network equipment supplier Ericsson promise data service will be restored by Friday morning.

In addition, London Bus timetables rely on O2's coverage, meaning that these were also down this morning.

O2 said it would share further updates as soon as they were available.

The company has 25 million customers across the United Kingdom.

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