Rudy Giuliani's Twitter typo leads to anti-Trump prank

Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani's Twitter typo used to abuse President Trump

Rudy Giuliani is not happy after a social media prankster purchased a domain name that the former New York City mayor inadvertently typed in a tweet and redirected followers to a website calling President Donald Trump a "traitor".

Many Twitter users couldn't resist noting that Giuliani, who spent 16 years as a security consultant, was originally brought into the Trump administration as a cybersecurity adviser.

Twitter turns text into a hyperlink only if it recognises the letters after a full stop as representing an established top-level domain (TLD) name.

It was Friday and President Donal Trump's lawyer had issued yet another missive criticizing special counsel Robert Mueller.

For their part, a spokesperson for Twitter categorically denied Giuliani's inference, stating "the accusation that we're artificially injecting something into a tweet is completely false".

"The same thing-period no space-occured later and it didn't happen", he ranted in a follow-up tweet. He said that he tested a period not followed by a space after he sent the original tweet out and no link was created. When publishing his tweet, Giuliani did not notice that Twitter had turned it blue, indicating it was clickable.

Because of how Twitter works, hyperlinks are automatically created when valid domains are written out in tweets.

At most, Velazquez thought his stunt would get a "few hundred retweets" and then be absorbed into the Twittersphere, but by early Wednesday morning, Giuliani's tweet containing the link had about 45,000 likes and almost 17,000 retweets.

Well, the clever Twitter user jasondotgov saw a golden opportunity and registered the link.

Giuliani has also made several gaffes on Twitter in recent days.

A number of people have suggested that Giuliani can simply delete the tweet with the offending link, but Velazquez said he doesn't think that will happen. There, you can find many, many articles about Mueller's Russian Federation investigation and the Trump-related discoveries thereof. "Either I affect what his message is, or I affect what his message is".

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