The highest earning YouTube star of 2018 is a 7yo boy

Article Image 7-Year-Old Toy Reviewer is YouTube's Highest Earning Star Made $22M

Highest-Paid YouTube Star Is 7 Years Old

NY: A seven-year-old U.S. primary school student Ryan has been named YouTube's highest-earning star after raking in nearly $25m in the last financial year.

The biggest earner on YouTube is a 7-year-old toy genius.

Since launching his main channel in 2015, Ryan has amassed more than 17m followers and almost 26bn views. "But as for Ryan, 'he's got enough money for 100 lifetimes", says Chas Lacaillade, the founder and CEO of Bottle Rocket Management, which represents many unboxers, in a Forbes report. Other than $1 million earned from sponsored posts, the entirety of that $22 million came from pre-roll ads that play before his videos. The revenue goes up every time views go up and his videos often average around 10 million views for a 10-30 minute footage. That is exactly double what Ryan made in the previous year, according to Forbes, when he was placed eighth in the 2017 list.

This year, Walmart introduced a range of clothes and toys called "Ryan's World".

Jack's channel has over 10 billion views and over 20.7 million subscribers.

Jake Paul was beaten out by child YouTube star RyanToysReview, who topped his earnings by half a million dollars at $22 million.

"I'm entertaining and I'm amusing", said Ryan in a separate report by NBC News.

As he is still a child, 15% of Ryan's earnings are put into a bank account that he can only access when he becomes a legal adult. Makeup artist Jeffree Star, who earned $18 million over the one-year period analyzed, was fifth on the list. Jake Paul went from 7th in 2017 to 2nd in 2018, bringing in $21.5 million (about Rs. 151.32 crore) in the process, while his controversial brother Logan dropped six places to 10th. But it turns out doing kind-of dumb but impressive tricks is still a viable way to make money, with five-man sports crew Dude Perfect coming in at #3 with United States $20 million ($27,315,100).

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