New Jeep Gladiator unveiled at the LA motor show

Jeep презентовала пикап Gladiator

2020 Jeep Gladiator Official Photos And Info Leaked Hours Before Official Reveal

The anticipation ahead of the introduction of the new Jeep pickup truck has been building for months, growing to point where it could be cut by a knife.

Underhood, the Gladiator shares its 3.6-liter, 285-horsepower V-6 with the rest of the Wrangler lineup.

A Jeep truck existed from 1947 until 1992 under various different guises.

Kuniskis said the Gladiator is created to be the truck that can "go anywhere, do anything and bring you home". The answer is in the details. Jeep won't offer the Gladiator with the turbo-4 that's optional in the Wrangler. Moreover, aluminum was generously used in areas such as the doors, door hinges, hood, fender flares and windshield frame keep weight under control but also boost fuel economy, according to Jeep.

We've heard rumors about a Wrangler pickup for years, and in its absence a handful of aftermarket outfits have made a tidy sum selling conversion kits for existing four-door Jeeps.

Naturally, all Gladiators feature permanent four-wheel drive, split between two drivetrain systems. It finishes with cupholders and the transmission shifter falling easily to the driver's hand.

Spearheading infotainment is the fourth-generation Uconnect system with either a 5-, 7- or 8.4-inch touchscreen depending on trim level.

A standard black hard top, available across all models.

A Trac-Lok limited-slip rear differential will be optional on the Sport and Overland models.

The rear seat bench splits 60:40 and can be folded flat for storing boxes, or lifted up into a "stadium" position to reveal a couple of under-seat cubbies.

"The midsize truck segment is hot and filling with new entries, and the lifestyle halo of the Jeep brand is not to be underestimated".

A 3.0-litre EcoDiesel, with 260 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque, will be offered in 2020 with an eight-speed automatic as the only transmission. All EcoDiesels will get the eight-speed. All this impressive gearing on the Rubicon trim allows for an impressive 84.2:1 crawl ratio (meaning you can creep very slowly to navigate over extremely tough terrain) combined with more than 11 inches of ground clearance and 30 inches of fording depth for river crossings. Rubicon is the top trim level here, as it is on the Wrangler.

Elsewhere, the mesh of the Gladiator's seven-slot grille is slightly larger to deliver more cooling air to the engine due to the demands of pickup-truck towing and hauling. While it make look like a Wrangler, the Gladiator's frame is in fact 31-inches longer, with a 19.4-inch longer wheelbase.

As to the business end of the vehicle, Jeep engineers have included some thoughtful in the bed design. To accommodate pickup owners who will carry motorcycles or bicycles in the bed, the tailgate's 5-foot bed has a multilatch system that allows for partial opening to accommodate short and long toys as well as awkwardly shaped items. At 218 inches from bumper to bumper, the Gladiator splits the difference between the short- and long-bed versions of the Chevy Colorado crew cab. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard and is created to handle the increased torque output.

A tow capacity of up to 7,650 pounds makes the Gladiator a respectable puller.

But since then Fiat Chrysler has released official pics and specs after its reveal at the Los Angeles motor show so here they are!

"Each time Jeep offers a new product to its portfolio, it introduces a new range of customers to the Jeep family", said Tim Kuniskis, head of Jeep development. With the truck, the rear axle is moved back and this angle is not needed.

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