YouTube quietly offers free movie streaming

YouTube Now Streams Ad-Supported Movies Including ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Rocky’

Google is letting users watch full free, ad-supported movies on YouTube

Can we do ad-supported movies, free to the user?' Rohit Dhawan, director of product management at YouTube told AdAge.

All you do is go to YouTube and scroll down to the section titled 'Free to watch, ' click on whatever movie you want to watch, and it will begin playing automatically like any other YouTube video. "It also presents a nice opportunity for advertisers".

Viewers may have a hard time finding these free movies on their own, though, as there's no mention of them on YouTube's homepage.

No one's going to confuse most of the titles that headline YouTube's recently-launched section of free, ad-supported movies with anything that resembles a Best Picture all-star list.

Eventually, there could be a way for advertisers to pay to sponsor individual movies, giving users complimentary views and exclusive screenings, Dhawan says.

It is not clear what model the video-sharing company, which was bought by Google in 2006, is using for this feature, or what kind of contracts they have with producers and advertisers. The ads that YouTube shows in the film come from its normal advertising mix.

According to Gizmodo, YouTube can add free movies to its service because of the major deals it has with Hollywood studios.

But YouTube's new service isn't the first of its kind. Until now, users were able to purchase movies and TV shows. Her work also appears in Reuters, NPR, and NBC among other publications.

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