Cold start, Rain develops Monday afternoon

Heavy rain Tuesday, more rain Thursday and Friday with some snow possible

UPDATE: Cool temperatures on Sunday with rain on Monday

Tuesday, winds will shift to the north, bring in colder air.

The warm spell will be short-lived, as the mercury is due to swing in the opposite direction next week - with the chance of areas across the United Kingdom seeing snowfall and lows of 35F (2C).

Afternoon high temperatures will be warmer than yesterday but will feel cool with more cloud cover.

'It'll be a shock to the system after the recent mild weather'. For now, ice, rain and snow are all in play, resulting in some POSSIBLE travel issues. First, bringing us rain before temperatures drop.

But fears of a lengthy period of snow and bone-chilling low temperatures are unfounded, according to experts from The Weather Company. The chance for a spotty rain or snow shower will linger into Friday morning. It will remain dry and bright for central and eastern areas, but north-western parts will become breezy with rain pushing in by the evening.

The heaviest of the snow is over and done with for most of us, but more is on the way to much of the FOX 17 viewing area.

Temperatures are expected to moderate on Friday, pushing into the upper 40s. This looks to impact elevated objects the most.

Skies clear tonight and temperatures will plummet to 17°, not a record low (11°) but frigid enough. Mostly sunny Wednesday with highs in the upper 30s.

While no major accumulations of snow are expected in the area, the cold wet conditions in the upcoming forecast can make for some less than ideal driving conditions.

The majority of the country has been wallowing in warmer temperatures this week. Next week will certainly be cold.

This will allow a subtle change in wind direction and the flow will veer more towards the east with wintry showers even possible in the south-east.

"Night frosts are likely and could become widespread at times".

Cold weather continues today with brisk northerly winds.

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