19 things you can do to help California wildfire victims right now

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Credit PA

There are another 230 or so people who are unaccounted for at the moment by the sheriff's reckoning. The number of dead more than doubled late Saturday with the news that officials discovered 14 more sets of remains. He ran across a few of Caddy's neighbors, but they hadn't seen her.

"I'm still shaking. Every time I talk about it", he said. "Your mother's somewhere and you don't know where she's at", he said. Some knew their homes were safe (for now) and waited for a chance to return.

"I need to sleep and cry", James added. "She's a strong, smart woman".

Authorities in the southern part of the state used to be able to rely on help from their counterparts up north around this time of the year, Osby said, when the threat of fire was much less prevalent in those communities.

"This is truly a tragedy that all Californians can understand and respond to", Mr Brown said. He also blasted President Donald Trump as "our so-called president" for attributing the deadly wildfires to poor forest management, and instead urged people to take action to fight climate change.

The governor said that the federal and state governments must do more forest management but that climate change is the greater source of the problem.

Firefighters battling fire with shovels and bulldozers, flame retardant and hoses expected wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour overnight Sunday.

The death toll - 29 - ties the Camp Fire with the deadliest in state history, the 1933 Griffith Park wildfire in Los Angeles.

"Returned to my house in Malibu after evacuating", Gerard Butler wrote in an Instagram post next to a photo that showed a burned-out structure and a badly scorched vehicle.

The sheriff, who is also the county coroner, announced yesterday that the remains of six more victims had been found. The blaze destroyed more than 6,700 homes and businesses in the town of Paradise, making it the most destructive fire ever recorded in California. So far, the fires have spread to some 400 square miles (1,040 square km) as some 8,000 firefighters are still unable to contain the inferno.

Many celebrities live in the area and U.S. pop star Miley Cyrus (25) said she had been left "devastated" after her home was burned down.

More than 300,000 locals have been forced to flee their homes across California.

One of the fires has also struck the site of numerous sets recently seen in HBO's Westworld, as fire raged through the model "western town" Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills.

Stewart said, "Mr. President, while people's homes are burning, while lives are being lost & while firefighters are risking their lives, California needs words of support & encouragement, not threats or finger pointing & accusations". Two more have perished near Malibu in the south of the state. "This is the new abnormal, and this new abnormal will continue certainly in the next 10 to 15 years".

Edison International, the owner of Southern California Edison Company, slumped 11 per cent, leaving its stock market value US$5-billion lower since Thursday when the fires broke out. "This plus the ongoing drought conditions will all create conditions favorable for fire weather", it said.

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