Victim of Thousand Oaks Massacre Survived Las Vegas Shooting

Man Who Survived the Thousand Oaks Shooting Says All There Is to Say

"They're all young. I'm 56. I lived a life."More

I feel like someone came into my home and destroyed my family - someone came into my house and ruined the place where we all came to be safe.

The shooting at Borderline marks the 307th mass shooting in the USA this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive's records.

She regrets not reporting the incident, though says that at the time, faculty encouraged her to accept an apology from Long so as not to ruin his military career.

"The chills go up your spine". "I pushed him off me and I said, 'Stop!"

A mother whose son survived the Las Vegas massacre only to be shot dead in a California bar has demanded gun control instead of prayers.

"I don't want prayers. I don't want thoughts", Susan Orfanos told KABC-TV.

"They ran out of the back doors, they broke windows, they went through windows". Then he got a look at the shooter and the terror unfolding and decided they needed to escape. Two of his friends were among those killed.

"He really liked it", a friend told CNN. When Gunn learned about the shooting, he rushed to Borderline.

The Marine Corps said Long earned several awards, including a Combat Action Ribbon and a Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal.

"There's people that live a whole lifetime without seeing this, and then there's people that have seen it twice", he said.

"I can't believe I'm saying this again", Molly Maurer posted on Facebook.

"It was shocking - but it wasn't shocking that it was him", she said.

The Rams had canceled practice Friday because of poor air quality caused by a wildfire near the team's facility on the campus of Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, Calif., a community also dealing with the aftermath of a mass shooting that left 12 people dead.

The mother of one of the Las Vegas shooting survivors who tragically died in the Thousand Oaks shooting is speaking out. On his other arm Thursday, he still had his wristband from the California bar.

"My son was in Las Vegas with a lot of his friends and he came home", Orfanos said in an interview with ABC7. Armed with a knife in case an attacker came in, he hunkered down and waited with 40 other people for four hours. He doesn't know how a second mass shooting will affect him down the road. "You know you can't do that!'" You're always picking up on social cues. I'm not giving you this phone.

This time, the shooting was at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, at another country music event. "I have a daughter coming on the 29th of this month".

Colell recalled that she had found a cellphone that Long said was his, but she didn't want to give it to him without checking first.

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