Protect Mueller protests are erupting across the country

Jeff Sessions sent a letter of resignation to Donald Trump

Jeff Sessions sent a letter of resignation to Donald Trump

So because of those conflicts, they didn't want to bring him before the Senate, ' Trump said. The President knew that he had played football and the tall, brawny former United States attorney fit the image Trump liked, according to people familiar with their conversations, far more than the diminutive Sessions, whom Trump mocked.

This protest was part of a large group of events that happened worldwide, organized by Move On, a left-wing group that describes itself as "a force for social justice and political progress".

Marilyn Sarelas and Jim White of Portland display signs to drivers on Congress Street during Thursday's protest at Monument Square.

Activists gathered on short notice Thursday across the suburbs and the nation to protest the forced resignation of former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and decry the effects they fear his ouster could have on the investigation into Russian election meddling.

And over the a year ago, Whitaker has told friends about his growing relationship with Trump. "It's an obstruction of justice to appoint someone who has been very vocal about his disdain for the Mueller investigation and we think that we can't stand by and let this stand".

Trump named Sessions' chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, as acting attorney general, saying he would soon nominate a permanent replacement for review by the Senate.

The crowd in Portland was clearly angry with Trump. During that time, Mueller secured indictments or guilty pleas from more than 30 people, including Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort and his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn - all steps that were taken with Rosenstein's approval.

"He looks like the kind of guy who sits at the head of a table", a source familiar with the matter said. US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer shortly after the news broke said in a statement that Whitaker in his new role should recuse himself from overseeing Mueller's investigation. Those close to him have also said he would not approve any request to subpoena the president.

Demonstrations are taking place in more than 1,000 US cities and towns on Thursday evening-beginning at 5:00 PM (local time)-in response to President Donald Trump "installing a hack" to oversee the ongoing investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump abruptly altered the chain of command above Mueller on Wednesday, putting his work under the supervision of a Republican loyalist who has been openly skeptical of the special counsel's authority and has mused about ways to curtail his power.

"I like Jeff Sessions".

"There is no mistaking what this means, and what is at stake: this is a constitutionally perilous moment for our country and for the president".

Over the course of his investigation thus far, Mueller and his team of prosecutors indicted 32 individuals and three Russian businesses on charges ranging from computer hacking to conspiracy and financial crimes.

"This can not just be a moment", speaker Jean Capler said.

Several people were invited to speak during the protest, which lasted about 40 minutes. "No one is above the law in America".

"[Trump] is essentially trying to obstruct justice", said Cameron Mitchell Jr. with Democrats Abroad. But now, Whitaker will oversee the Mueller probe and all other matters under the DOJ's purview.

Sessions, a 71-year-old former Republican senator from Alabama, was the first senator to endorse Trump's insurgent presidential campaign.

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