Google's Pixel Slate tablet now available for pre-order

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Google confirmed that it’s working to fix one of the Pixel 3’s biggest problems

Now that we're in November and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Google Pixel Slate, we're beginning to see the emergence of pre-order options at multiple outlets. But it looks like the upcoming update will be the last one for Nexus phones launched in 2015.

While you don't get as large of a display or battery with the Pixel 3 as you do with the Pixel 3 XL, we don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. And in this guide, we'll help you with tips and how-tos on the new and updated features awaiting you.

Both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL come with 4gb of RAM, which means they should be able to handle several complex actions at once. Launched with the latest version of Android, Android Pie, the Pixel 3 flagship duo bring the latest and the best of Google's software prowess to the masses. Without a specific timeframe, you'll just have to wait for the update to pop up on your phone.

That's after another bug caused buyers of the new Pixel 3 phone to see a second "notch" at the side of the screen.

To gain in more light during low-light conditions, Night Sight takes up to 15 frames with a reasonably slow shutter to give you an effective exposure of about five seconds. These two new phones had been hyped for months ahead of their release, and they actually managed to deliver on most of the hype.

Pixel users in the US will also be the first to get access to an experimental new Google Assistant feature, powered by Duplex technology, which helps users complete real-world tasks over the phone, like calling a restaurant to book a table. It's also putting its AI to work improving the phone part of your smartphone experience.

"Just tap on 'Screen call" to find out who's calling and why, as well as other information (as prompted by you). If not, a handy button lets you mark the call as spam. Making it the first detachable Chrome OS device from Google, and a follow on to the Chromebook Tab 10 from Acer - the first tablet powered by Chrome OS in general.

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