Second migrant caravan moving through Mexico to US

Mexico's ambassador to US claims there are very violent migrants in caravan

Trump pressures Mexico to stop migrant caravans

There are now four caravans making their way toward the U.S. The main group of about 4,000 migrants - down from its estimated peak of more than 7,000 - remains in southern Mexico, on foot and hundreds of miles from the border.

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump kept up the pressure on Mexico Wednesday to halt groups of migrants heading to the American border, as the United States enters the final stretch of campaigning before key midterm elections.

A caravan that reached Oaxaca in Mexico was around 4,000 people, a drop from an earlier count of 5,000, and still 900 miles away from the U.S.

President Trump said Wednesday he may send as many as 15,000 troops to the U.S. -Mexico border, as he doubled down on threats to the Central American migrant caravan, which has become a major flashpoint in the lead-up to the midterm elections.

President Donald Trump on Thursday will highlight immigration as a "crisis" facing the nation, making remarks from the Roosevelt Room of the White House before he travels to Columbia, Missouri, for another campaign rally, the second of 11 he plans in a last-minute blitz before Election Day on Tuesday. "They have done everything perfectly, and they are going to come in".

The request for bus travel for all also indicates an increased sense of urgency amongst the caravan's members to make it to the USA border - despite thousands of American troops awaiting them there and a steady drumbeat of warnings from President Trump and US officials to turn around. The suspect in that case, Robert Bowers, reportedly posted anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant comments on social media, claiming Jews were helping a migrant caravan that he likened to "invaders".

"They got a lot of rough people in these caravans".

About 200 Salvadorans are waiting in the Guatemalan border town of Tecun Uman to enter Mexico, and 500 others are on their way there, said Antonio Azucar, a diplomatic representative for El Salvador based in the Mexican city of Tapachula near the border. He also has said he plans an executive order to unilaterally end the constitutionally protected right of citizenship for children born to non-U.S. citizens.

The president announced on Wednesday that he was considering deploying up to 15,000 troops to the U.S.

On Monday he said he wants to build tent cities to house asylum seekers, and Tuesday he floated the possibility of ending the constitutional right to US citizenship for babies born in the country to noncitizens.

He has also suggested that those claims should be rejected even before asylum seekers appear before a judge and begin court proceedings and that the simple fact of crossing the border illegally could also be a factor in rejecting an asylum claim.

Despite Trump's increasingly severe warnings of immigration chaos, the government on Wednesday issued figures saying that only about 400,000 people have been apprehended at the border in 2018, down from around 1.6 million in 2000.

Although the murder rate there has dropped from record peaks in recent years, Honduras remains plagued by sky-high crime rates and widespread poverty.

"As far as the caravan is concerned, our military is out", Trump said.

President Donald Trump claimed that up to 15,000 USA troops could be sent to the border to deal with the group of approximately 3,500 migrants heading toward the United States through Mexico.

The video is reminiscent of the infamous 1988 "Willie Horton" ad used against Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis and condemned as racist. "Democrats let him into our country".

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