Russian Federation will start to demand extra notice of Israeli airstrikes over Syria

Russian soldiers display the remains of a militant drone that was shot down over Hmeimim Air Base in Syria's Latakia Province

Russia has proof US was behind drone attack on Syria base

Russia's deputy defence minister claims a U.S.military aircraft took control of 13 drones over Syria and attempted to have them attack a Russian military base there, but that the drones were downed before they could reach their target.

Management attacked the base of Russia's air strikes in Syria Hamim unmanned aircraft carried out reconnaissance aircraft the US Poseidon-8.

Fomin reportedly noted that the drones were not controlled by some "sort of peasant, but a proper Poseidon-8 which has modern equipment".

US officials did not immediately comment on the claim, but the Pentagon had rejected previous Russian insinuations that USA forces played a role in drone attacks against Russia's air base and its naval facility in Tartus, which is also located in western Syria. "He took over manual control", - said the Deputy Minister.

Fomin also said it was necessary to stop equipping terrorists with high-tech weapons.

Peskov said he can not rule out that the incident may be discussed at the forthcoming meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump preliminarily scheduled to take place in Paris on November 11.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, described the allegation as "very alarming".

One of the UAVs that the Russian MoD said was recovered after the attack on Humaymim on 5/6 January.

The Kremlin said Thursday it was "alarmed" by a report on possible manipulation of a drone attack against the Russian bases in Syria from a USA warplane.

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