Megyn Kelly's morning show at NBC has been canceled

Megyn Kelly’s morning show is reportedly over because of her blackface comment. More

Megyn Kelly’s morning show is reportedly over because of her blackface comment. More

Before she ignited controversy this week defending the use of blackface, Kelly and NBC News executives had reportedly been in loose talks to find her a new role at the company amid disappointing ratings from Megyn Kelly Today.

Days after Megyn Kelly's controversial blackface remarks landed her in hot water with NBC, CNN host Don Lemon is criticizing both the network and Kelly's management for her firing and for the cancellation of her show Megyn Kelly Today.

It was in the casual banter segment of "Megyn Kelly Today" that she ran into trouble this week, when she asked her all-white panel of guests: "What is racist?" Next week, the 9 a.m. hour will be hosted by other "TODAY' co-anchors".

Kelly recently drew harsh criticism after a segment on Tuesday about Halloween costumes in which she questioned why blackface was considered racially insensitive.

She opened Wednesday's show by saying she was wrong and sorry for what she said.

Kelly signed a three-year contract with NBC last year worth a reported $69 million, but she will not serve it out in full now, as her short tenure with the network was loaded with controversy.

Social media condemnation was swift, and Kelly apologised to fellow NBC staffers in an email later in the day.

"While she apologised to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country", said veteran NBC weatherman Al Roker, who is black.

Powers also stated: "One of my craziest on-air experiences debating a conservative - a very high bar - involved Kelly yelling at me on live television for almost 10 minutes for disagreeing that the "New Black Panthers" were a threat to Good People Everywhere".

The bombastic blonde pundit tweeted her support for Kelly on Thursday night, referring to the news that Kelly was about to lose her morning show as "straight bull".

Few co-star dynamics are quite as complicated as those on NBC's "Today" show.

"I think [Megyn]'s a very smart cookie, very smart at what she does, but I think she clearly stepped in it".

Then on February 1, 2017, NBC made the abrupt announcement: Hall left the network the day before, on the day her contract was up. It was inspired by her work with Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, she said. Particularly on race and ethnicity issues which, far from being healed, have been exacerbated in our politics over the past year.

Kelly burnt bridges at Fox after she publicly discussed sexual harassment she said she faced from the late Roger Ailes, the channel's co-founder.

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