Single winning ticket sold in United States lottery just shy of world record

South Carolina adds 2nd billionaire with huge jackpot ticket

Georgia's Education wins big due to Mega Millions Historic Jackpot

Fear not, Floridians: the record-breaking Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday may not have made anyone in Florida a billionaire, but it did make four people millionaires, according to the Florida Lottery.

The Mega Millions ticket sold at SLO Quick Stop at 2600 Broad Street.

South Carolina Education Lottery Chief Operating Officer Tony Cooper, left, and KC Mart owner CJ Patel, right, spoke to reporters, today, about the winning ticket sold at the Simpsonville, S.C., store.

One winning ticket was sold in SC for Tuesday night's record-shattering Mega Millions jackpot worth at least $1.6 billion, the state's official lottery website reported. Those 36 tickets matched the five white balls, but did not match the Mega Ball.

Still, the jaw-dropping $1.537 billion jackpot failed to break the record for lottery winnings, held by the $1.586 billion Powerball prize shared by winners in January 2016.

Idaho had five winning tickets that were only one number away from sharing in the jackpot prize.

"Does it make a difference to somebody this morning that when they thought they were going to win $1.6 billion and they only won $1.537 billion?" he asked.

The state doesn't require lottery winners to identify themselves.

The name of South Carolina's last big victor - a $399 million Powerball jackpot in September 2013 which at the time was the fourth biggest lottery prize in USA history - has never been made public. But say, of the $492 million jackpot after taxes in SC, you made a decision to invest $475 million and not touch it.

The victor can decide to take a cash payout of $913 million after tax, or opt to have it paid out in instalments over 29 years.

"The moment we've been waiting for finally arrived, and we couldn't be more excited", said Gordon Medenica, lead director of Mega Millions Group. The victor also has up to 180 days to claim the prize.

But Cooper described reaction to the winning ticket being sold in SC with a word not found in the dictionary.

When it comes to the KC Mart, that is accurate. One was sold in Mount Pleasant and the other in Grandville.

Powerball's current estimated $620 million prize refers to the annuity option paid over 29 years.

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