"Red Dead Redemption 2" Official Gameplay Footage Has Been Flooding The Internet

Red Dead Redemption 2 app hits iOS and Android this week

Red Dead Redemption 2 is Getting a Touch Screen Companion App

Rockstar mentioned that even more will be included in the app, which is up to players to discover when the game launches. Just don't get any chicken grease on the handsome copies of Red Dead Redemption 2, please! The Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App will be released onto iOS and Android devices alongside the official launch of the game on October 26th.

Once installed, you can pan and zoom the map, set waypoints or mark areas of interest with a tap on your screen.

The free "Red Dead Redemption 2" Companion App connects directly with your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One as you play, delivering real-time interactive information to your smart device through a downloadable app.

Also, your character health and other data will be shown in real-time, plus you'll be able to check your in-game journal, check your stats through Rockstar's Social Club, and peruse the game's full digital manual.

Of course, we'll have to wait until Friday to get our hands on it in tandem with the game, but the app is nonetheless an exciting and intriguing addition to an already astronomically hyped up game. And with the countdown to launch getting closer by the day, it will be interesting to see just how significant of an impact RDR2's Day One patch as on gameplay on the title's first day of availability.

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