Megyn Kelly apologizes after defending blackface costumes on Halloween

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Megyn Kelly is in hot water after asking "What is racist?" when it comes to black and white face makeup on Halloween.

During an October 23 panel discussion on "Megyn Kelly Today", Kelly and her guests (who included Melissa Rivers) weighed in on what costumes were and weren't appropriate for Halloween.

She acknowledged that nowadays "you get in trouble" for being a white person who puts on blackface (her panel nodded in agreement) or the reverse (more nodding). "Back when I was a kid, that was OK as long as you were dressing up as a character". "I don't know how that got racist on Halloween", Kelly adds. "If she really wanted to look like Diana Ross, she should have dressed like Michael Jackson", Rivers added, proving comedy to be a gene perhaps not passed down from her mother Joan. "People said that was racist and I don't know, I felt like, who doesn't love Diana Ross?".

We won't even get into how NBC canceled a morning show hosted by Tamron Hall and Al Roker so that the network could reward Kelly with a $69 million contract that has resulted in low ratings.

"Blackface is part of a history of dehumanization, of denied citizenship, and of efforts to excuse and justify state violence".

Kelly wondered aloud during a conversation about universities putting pressure on students not to wear costumes that might be deemed offensive.

"What is racist?" Kelly said. Kelly made it clear that she was against banning various costumes that others found offensive, including cowboys, dressing up like disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein, "anything Mexican-based", nuns and more.

Late Tuesday afternoon, NBC released an apologetic email that Kelly sent to NBC staffers, as she stated she was led to "rethink her own views" after speaking to colleagues and friends. You may have Megyn Kelly's seal of approval, but the majority of polite society has moved forward.

Dear @megynkelly - you and I are approximately the same age.

But on Tuesday she reminded everyone she's still the same pundit who argued Santa Claus should always be white.

Kelly went on to say that on Halloween, "you've got guys with fake axes coming out of their heads".

"For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white", she said to wrap up the segment that caused outrage, just as we assume her thoughts on blackface will.

"When Megyn Kelly reminds you why she was so popular on Fox News..." another wrote.

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