Bolton and Kelly exchange profanities outside Oval Office over immigration policy

Kelly, Bolton reportedly get into White House screaming match

John Kelly, John Bolton get into heated argument outside Oval Office

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly (center) looks on with John Bolton, the national security adviser, as President Donald Trump met Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, in Washington past year.

Stephen Colbert can't get enough of the reports of a shouting match in the White House between two of President Donald Trump's top aides. Trump, who was incensed about the rising levels of migrants and threatened to shut down the southern border on Twitter earlier that morning, took Bolton's side during the argument.

The commander in chief and the White House downplayed the incident, with just weeks to go before the mid-term elections next month and news of another migrant caravan headed towards the U.S. through Mexico. Neither is resigning, the people said.

Trump is aware of the argument, the sources said, even though the president told reporters he didn't know about it before boarding Air Force One to travel to Montana for a campaign rally.

The two men also differed over how aggressively to push Central American countries to do more to discourage their citizens from seeking refuge in the United States. Kelly eventually stormed out, leaving the White House for the day.

National security adviser John Bolton reportedly criticised the performance of the Department of Homeland Security under Kirstjen Nielsen.

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