Meghan Markle Dazzles In A Blue Givenchy Dress At Princess Eugenie's Wedding

Meghan Markle’s ex-husband marries fiancee in intimate ceremony

WATCH: First guests arrive for Princess Eugenie's #RoyalWedding

Princess Eugenie may have been the one donning the white gown and walking down the aisle, but all eyes were on Meghan Markle and the baby bump that Twitter is convinced that she has. Harry's nerves dissipated as soon as he saw his attractive bride Meghan arrive with her adorable bridesmaids and pageboys, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

It seems that the show isn't just casting actual royals themselves, but also people related to royalty, like the nephew of Meghan Markle, Tyler Dooley.

Meghan's affinity to her new role as a royal comes after she completed her first solo engagement last month as she attended the launch of the Oceania exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts London.

Samantha Markle feels she has "accomplished the goal" she set out to achieve in visiting the UK. Nobody was turned away, nobody was disrespectful and it was a wonderful experience.

Many netizens condemned her for it, because it is not admitted to the Palace of the person with a disability. "I wanted to express the feelings of my father and myself in the letter".

It is perhaps fair to say that you know you have been accepted into The Royal Family when Princess Anne smiles at you.

They may be one of the most-loved celebrity couples of the 21st century, but like all of us, former Suits actress Meghan couldn't help but worry after her first date with the prince.

The outfit was the flawless choice for the special occasion of her cousin-in-law's royal wedding. "I want her to do the right thing: Acknowledge my dad for primarily raising her and making her everything she is", she complained.

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