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Image Credit Canadian Mental Health Association

6:33pm Image Credit Canadian Mental Health Association

From my experience, some basic health classes only briefly touch up on the topic of mental health and teachers say, "if you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Hotline".

Some 4,500 people take their lives every year in England.

We're already making progress when it comes to suicide prevention - the suicide rate is at its lowest for seven years.

The minister said: "Here in The Bahamas, the all too common signs of persons affected by substance abuse disorders, neurological conditions or mental health problems living in conditions of homelessness, poverty, and desperate want, serves as clear evidence of the need to focus national attention on mental health issues and mental health services".

Lady Gaga may be best known for her music, but the singer is also an outspoken advocate for mental health. "Raising awareness around mental health conditions reduces the stigma, and hopefully this will encourage people to talk more and realise that it really is OK not be to OK".

Of course, suicide is but one piece of the mental health puzzle - and it is arguably the most extreme manifestation of a disruption to one's mental well-being - but it is imperative we talk about suicide because, as Gaga notes, it is a very "visible symptom of the larger mental health emergency we are so far failing to adequately address".

"This is why the World Federation for Mental Health is focusing the 2018 World Mental Health Day campaign as "Young people and mental health in a changing world", said the Minister".

In the 2016-2017 National Survey of Children's Health, results of a sample count approximated that in the state of NY, about 54.5 percent of children ages 3 to 17 did not receive mental and behavioral health treatment and counseling that they needed for disorders such as depression, anxiety, and other behavioral or conduct problems.

"Poor mental health has touched both friends and family and I have seen first hand what a profound impact it can have".

"Unfortunately this has led to many suicides, which we can't afford as a caring society". However, it added that mental health interventions for young people must be carefully planned to "ensure that they are accepted by them and that they will be useful".

While accountancy firms and businesses in general are introducing policies like flexible working and encouraging wellbeing to help combat stress at work, only 30 percent of managers have actually received any training around mental health.

Labour shadow cabinet member for public health at Peterborough City Council, Cllr Samantha Hemraj, said: "As shadow cabinet member with responsibility for health issues in Peterborough, I believe the first step is to take away the stigma associated with mental illness".

Spending on children and young people's mental health, as a proportion of the overall mental health spend, is very low indeed, and we can not expect to meet all the need that there is when services are constantly challenged by austerity, making it harder and harder for children and young people to access help.

Lancet which is a medical journal has published a report today by the Commision on Global Mental Health.

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