Why You Absolutely Need to get a Flu Shot This Year

The New Zealand flu vaccine covers four of the viruses circulating globally including the Flu A

MARK TAYLOR STUFFThe New Zealand flu vaccine covers four of the viruses circulating globally including the Flu A

While the flu season doesn't typically peak until January, individual cases began surfacing last month. You can not get the flu from the flu shot, and we say this over and over again.

Houtzdale Family Service Center, Tuesday, Oct. 30, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

The vaccination rate remains around 33 percent each year, despite evidence of the vaccine's flu-prevention effectiveness and its ability to reduce flu severity, Excellus reported.

Influenza ("flu") is a contagious disease that spreads around the United States every year, usually between October and May.

"The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) works in conjunction with global health partners to try and determine which strains of flu are more likely to circulate in order to formulate an effective vaccine", Roth said. "The flu vaccine can help protect you from flu and also reduce the chance of flu spreading to others". Wooten advised all residents last month to get the vaccine, which protects against multiple flu strains and takes about two weeks to take effect.

"Even if it doesn't prevent you from getting the flu, it can prevent you from getting really sick from it to the point of hospitalization or death", Paules said.

The vaccine is expected to be more accurate this season, and influenza activity in the Southern Hemisphere has been unremarkable so far - a good sign for the USA and Canada.

In an exclusive Video Conference Reporter video from IDWeek 2018, William Schaffner, MD, professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, characterizes the current vaccine's efficacy as "good, but not great", discusses what is being researched, and breaks down some data from the meeting. The influenza virus hijacks human cells in the nose and throat to make copies of itself. They got the flu from someone. The flu strikes suddenly and can last several days. A person can get the flu during this period.

Children under five years of age, adults over 65 years of age, pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions like asthma should also make sure to get the shot. Fisher-Titus recommends that you schedule a visit with your primary care provider to get a flu shot.

Last year's flu season was one of the deadliest in the last 40 years. As people age, the standard dose may not be as effective, so there is a high-dose version for those who are 65 and older and an adjuvant one. Everyone else needs only one dose each flu season. They're made of inactivated, or dead, virus and proteins - not live virus - making it impossible to get the flu from the shot. Despite being produced via raw eggs, you can not get salmonella poisoning from the flu shot. There are many flu viruses, and they are always changing. Most people believe the flu shot will not help them, but you can still catch the flu, regardless of getting a vaccination. Its vaccine, created with genetic sequencing and grown with tobacco, can be retrofitted to immunize against nearly any virus so long as its DNA can be obtained.

Clinics across the province open on October 15. That means getting proper sleep, eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise. Then throw it away; or cough into shirt sleeve, not hands.

If the flu bug does bite, stay home, stay in bed, rest, and drink plenty of fluids.

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