Torchlight protest at racing ad on Sydney Opera House

The Chaser project new ad onto Opera House as Jones apologises for Louise Herron interview

The Chaser Projected Alan Jones Phone Number Onto Sydney Opera House

Betting on the race was also suspended in the hours from when the draw was held until the results being projected amid fears of a security breach.

The activist group has criticised Jones for attacking Herron, calling her a "tyrant" and questioning her credentials after she said she wouldn't allow the Opera House to carry advertising for The Everest Cup horse race on its sails.

The Opera House did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but has previously directed Reuters to the state government. It should be noted that Herron was upholding the statute of the Opera House in doing so.

Scores of demonstrators shined torches onto the sails of the national icon to obscure the projection at Circular Quay as the event went live at approximately 7:45pm on Tuesday.

The controversial Opera House projection is due to take place at 8pm on Tuesday, when the barrier draw for The Everest will be projected on the Opera House sails.

Racing NSW says bets have been suspended "to avoid any perceived integrity risk", with waging operators to be informed later this evening when they can recommence betting on the annual racing event.

Since the NSW Government directed the Opera House to allow the promotional material to be projected, the backlash over the decision has reached a boiling point.

'This is one of the biggest events of the year why not put it on the biggest billboard Sydney has, ' he said. "Call Alan" onto the famous building.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports two of Jones' business partners have horses in the race in question, and a horse owned by Jones himself tried out for but missed a spot.

"I don't believe my words or actions qualify as those of a bully or a misogynist but there are clearly many people who do", Jones said on 2GB.

The radio presenter said he was bombarded with "anonymous phone calls. every minute" after The Chaser projected his personal mobile phone number onto the sails of the Opera House and on the walls of NSW Parliament House the previous night.

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