Sen. Jeff Flake votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

Kavanaugh poised to win SCOTUS seat Saturday afternoon

Kavanaugh sworn in as Supreme Court justice

Still, Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., said he believed it would be premature for Democrats to talk about re-investigating Kavanaugh or a possible impeachment if the party takes control of the chamber in November, stressing a need to help heal the country.

McConnell said the confirmation fight had energized Republican voters and he praised GOP senators, who he said had "stood up to the mob" in favor of the "presumption of innocence". Kirsten Gillibrand, one of the Democrats who take to the Senate floor early Saturday to rail against Kavanaugh. However, based on all of the information I have available to me, including the recently completed Federal Bureau of Investigation report, I have found Judge Kavanaugh to be a qualified jurist who will follow the Constitution and determine cases based on the legal findings before him.

Trump told a raucous rally in Kansas late on Saturday that the confirmation marked "a tremendous victory for our nation, our people and our beloved Constitution". Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The Supreme Court says he will be sworn in later Saturday. Both oaths will be administered so Kavanaugh can participate in the work of the court immediately.

In emotionally charged scenes this past week, groups of anti-Kavanaugh protesters confronted members of Congress directly, with many demonstrators sharing their own stories of sexual assault. But Must Read Alaska has received more than 250 letters from readers who have been angered by Murkowski's votes on Kavanaugh. The session was presided over by Pence.

More importantly though, it was the Democrats who in 2013 set the wheels in motion of what is now an entirely partisan judicial confirmation process when they invoked the so called nuclear option and abolished the 60-vote rule that practically ensured that nominations could only be passed with significant bipartisan support. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, called the 53-year-old Kavanaugh a victim of "an ugly left-wing smear campaign" and charged Democrats with character assassination.

But when asked on "Fox News Sunday" if that would apply in 2020, McConnell said: "We'll see if there is a vacancy". "We spoke to a gal who does not support Kavanaugh and had a good discussion with her, very respectful".

Kavanaugh's nomination became an intense personal and political drama when university professor Christine Blasey Ford accused him of sexually assaulting her when they were high school students in a wealthy suburb of Washington in 1982.

The CrowdPac fundraiser describes two scenarios for the millions raised, saying the money would be returned if she voted "no" on Kavanaugh.

"Great decision. I very much appreciate those 50 great votes and I think he's (Mr Kavanaugh) going to go down as a totally brilliant supreme court justice for many years".

"I have no doubt", Trump said, telling reporters that he had chosen Kavanaugh, in part, because "there's nobody with a squeaky-clean past like Brett Kavanaugh". "I think that was the key moment".

In a sign of the tense mood at the Capitol, Republican Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas was interrupted twice by yelling from protesters in the Senate gallery, which is open to visitors.

As of about 4:30 ET, the U.S. Capitol Police confirmed a total of 164 arrests.

"Nothing unifies Republicans like a court fight", McConnell said in an interview ahead of the vote.

"A week that will live in infamy for the US Senate, permanently diminishing its stature", said Michael R. Bromwich.

Several polls show that Republican enthusiasm about voting, which had lagged behind, jumped after the Kavanaugh hearing last week. But Trump went after her anyway, mocking her testimony and gaps in her memory as a rally crowd laughed and cheered. She next faces voters in 2022.

ME senator Susan Collins, a moderate Republican who's often a swing vote on issues, paved the way for the nominee to the Supreme Court. That support all but assures Republicans of the votes they need to push the nomination across the finish line.

The path to Kavanaugh's confirmation cleared on Friday when two wavering Republicans Susan Collins of ME and Jeff Flake of Arizona said they would vote for Kavanaugh after concluding that Ford's allegations, voiced by her in an emotional hearing last week, could not be corroborated.

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