Theresa May calls for cohesion over Brexit

Birmingham England. The Conservative Party Conference 2018 is taking place at Birmingham's International Convention Centre from September 30 to October 3

Image Theresa May watched speeches from the audience

Ready to get going on the meat of it, though?

Her speech was aimed at providing an upbeat vision for Britain post-Brexit - and after eight years of austerity.

"If we all go off in different directions in pursuit of our own visions of the ideal Brexit, we risk ending up with no Brexit at all", May said in a warning to Johnson and others who aim to oust her or force her to change course.

But did it succeed?

However, she did not actually use the word Chequers in the hour-long address, prompting speculation the name itself has been quietly dropped as too toxic.

The driving message of the speech was unity.

"All we want her to do is listen to members of her party who overwhelmingly want her to "Chuck Chequers".

"My support for her is wearing thin to the point of being invisible".

Johnson said he has watched the European Union professionally for 30 years, adding: "every time a referendum goes against the federalist movement, I have seen how the centripetal forces lock on and slowly the offending country is winched back into place".

"Would Jim Callaghan, who served in the Royal Navy, have asked the Russian government to confirm the findings of our own intelligence agencies?" Would Clement Attlee...tell British Jews they didn't know the meaning of antisemitism?' Regardless what happens on March 29, 2019, it is certain the prime minister will be blamed for it (there is likely to be little to take "credit" for).

Though Labour MP Angela Rayner described the dance with the hashtag cringe, Scottish National Party MP Joanna Cherry said May's dance was "an affront to my favorite song". Even after being appointed foreign minister, he continually challenged May's European Union strategy.

But May, who did not watch her former minister, again showed little sign of shifting away from her so-called Chequers plan to keep close ties with the European Union after Brexit, the biggest shift in British foreign and trade policy for more than 40 years.

When British Prime Minister Theresa May strutted up to the podium Wednesday, she was all smiles. But we had the people's vote and the people chose to leave, ' she said.

Getting the plans through will be politically hard as Mr Dodds said failure to strike an agreement would be better than adding a customs or regulatory border down the Irish Sea.

A party not for the few, not even for the many, but for everyone who is willing to work hard and do their best.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May dances to the stage to give a speech during the Conservative Party annual conference 2018 in Birmingham, Britain on October 3, 2018. The less domestic and foreign producers believe in the prosperous development of the country, the less they are willing to invest in it. It ends in the letter "K".

Speaking before her speech, she told Sky News: We do have the big ideas. No one knows yet how many have already submitted their requests. It was a self-deprecating dig at the ribbing she got for her robotic dancing during a visit to Africa.

And then came the policies.

Today Theresa May announced the future lifting of the borrowing cap on councils to allow them to start building houses again - I wonder how she extracted that concession from the Chancellor, Philip Hammond. "She is putting her country before herself, which not many people would do".

"Because for millions of people, their vehicle is not a luxury". In a touching moment, she announced a new NHS cancer strategy which will focus early cancer detections, mentioning that it might save people like her god-daughter, who recently died of the disease.

INSKEEP: It is really interesting that Conservative Party leaders, including the likes of May, have said all along they're not total fans of this Brexit thing but they want to respect the will of the people. "But if we stick together and hold our nerve, I know we can get a deal that delivers for Britain". MPs must approve any final Brexit deal.

"I'm very keen to see an agreement concluded by November if at all possible", Vardakar said.

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