'The Situation' faces sentencing for tax evasion

The Situation

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino To Be Sentenced For Tax Evasion

Going by the nickname "The Situation", Sorrentino was an arrogant charmer who liked to show off his chiseled torso.

Prosecutors had sought a 14-month sentence to send a message that tax fraud will be met with "real punishment", People magazine reported.

After serving eight months behind bars, Sorrentino will remain under a supervised release for two years.

Before he was sentenced, Sorrentino asked for a "second chance", telling Judge Susan Wigenton, "I'm deeply sorry for my past actions". The Jersey Shore cast supports Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino Friday at the New Jersey courthouse.

Marc Sorrentino admitted he earned taxable income in 2010, 2011 and 2012 but gave his accountants false information.

The Situation at the height of his fame on Young Hollywood.

Sorrentino pleaded guilty in January following a 2014 indictment for falsifying tax returns, both personal, and business-related.

In pre-sentencing documents obtained by the Associated Press on Thursday, attorneys for the MTV star said they hoped to get him probation, citing Sorrentino's struggles with substance abuse during the time. Sorrentino reportedly paid no taxes in 2011, despite making somewhere around $2 million. "We all have to".

"Tax crimes, plain and simple, are an outright theft from the hardworking American public", Special Agent in Charge Tafur, IRS Criminal Investigation, Newark Field Office, said.

The cast were known for their drunken antics and the phrase they used to describe their lifestyle: "gym, tan, laundry".

Republican former Governor Chris Christie criticised the show for promoting stereotypes.

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