Tom Hardy says his favourite 40 minutes Of 'Venom' were cut

TOM HARDY's 'Favorite Scenes' Were Cut From VENOM

‘Venom’ Is a “Complete Failure” According to Early Social Media Reviews

Even as a person who read comics during the character's heyday, Fleischer's film leaves a lot of lingering questions, but in retrospect, they seem unimportant in the grand scheme of whatever cinematic universe Sony is trying to create. Thanks to Kasady's major homicidal streak and psychopathic tendencies, and some comic book science involving the symbiote bonding to Kasady's blood directly (don't worry about it), Carnage became a massive and powerful threat nearly immediately.

However, some viewers were less than charmed by the comedy or the movie itself.

The British Hardy affects a "New Yawk" accent as Eddie Brock, a rough-edged, authority-defying, crusading TV journalist living in San Francisco after an unspecified crash-and-burn episode in the Big Apple. The movie is, by most accounts, a mess. Meanwhile, Drake - an Elon Musk-type with a god complex - pours his resources into researching an alien symbiote collected by his astronauts in a space exploration mission gone awry, using unsuspecting homeless people as guinea pigs to try to discover a flawless host for the parasitic lifeforms.

Will Spider-Man make a cameo in the film? In the game's first act, Spidey puts Kingpin in jail, stops Shocker from robbing a bank, works in a research lab with Dr. Otto Octavius, meets up with his old flame, Mary Jane Watson, attends a birthday party for his aunt, and gets evicted from his tiny, sad Manhattan apartment.

Ah you can just see the pain on the poor guy's face! "It's full of odd slapstick moments and computer-generated effects that look like they were pulled straight from the 1990s". You are Spider-Man. There, Eddie Brock was played by Topher Grace as a warped and more cynical take on Peter Parker. What else do you rubes want? The plot is so silly it might as well be a cartoon, and Tom Hardy certainly treats the material as such, but the film also feels desperate to break out into something much darker. Furthermore, the bond between Carnage and Kasady in the comics is stronger than the one between Venom and Brock, with the former referring to themselves as "I" instead of "We".

The experience of watching Venom is similar to the failed experimentation on human test subjects depicted in the new film's long slog of a first hour. She's underused, as are Slate and even Ahmed, who has to stand in as the actual villain of the piece.

"Williams agreed "[your kids] are the most important audience". These characters interacted in the comics forever.

"You enjoyed filming them".

Venom director Ruben Fleischer too added, "Well, I think we can all agree that it would be pretty wonderful to see Spider-Man and Venom face off in a film".

Watch our interview with Venom stars Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed below. The action sequences are, for the most part, tiresome and poorly shot, especially in the CG-heavy finale half hour. It's a second-rate cash-in. Everything I want is in the story. But Venom, the character, is so intimately connected to Spider-Man that he loses all definition in a world without his opposite number. "Hardy is always watchable, no matter the role, but there's so much to take in here that it nearly feels like he's putting on a one-man show". With its double post credits sequences, it paved the way for a surprising reveal, a sequel, and some hype for another Spider-adjacent movie entirely.

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