Matt Damon Rages As Brett Kavanaugh On 'Saturday Night Live'

Matt Damon Appears as Brett Kavanaugh in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Premiere (Watch)

Matt Damon takes on Brett Kavanaugh in SNL’s season opener

But last night, he made the funniest cameo of his career to date as he appeared on Saturday Night Live as Brett Kavanaugh.

Saturday Night Live has used its cold open to rehash the recent U.S. senate hearings with Supreme Court nomimee Brett Kavanaugh. When fellow actor Casey Affleck was this year accused of sexual harassment that allegedly took place on a film set in 2010, Damon defended his friend, saying that he knew "the real story" about what happened. Lindsey Graham, who lashed out on Thursday at Democrats.

All the small details that people didn't have time to process during the actual testimony - Kavanaugh's water-spilling, the craziness of the hired female prosecutor, the surprisingly wide range of emotions over a calendar - got their few minutes of air time here.

"I'm a keg-is-half-full kinda guy", Damon said in his opening statement. He went on to poke fun at Kavanaugh's repeated mentions of liking beer, his high school calendar and yearbook entries.

The NBC sketch show also had cast member Kate McKinnon add Sen.

Damon, as the soon-remorseful Kavanaugh: "Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean that".

Those posing questions included SNL alumna Rachel Dratch, playing Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar, the senator who asked Kavanaugh whether he had ever experienced memory loss due to drinking alcohol.

The writers of SNL picked mocked every part of Judge Kavanaugh's testimony.

The SNL writers didn't just target Judge Kavanaugh's actions during the hearing, they also set their sights on Sen.

"This is my audition for Mr. Trump's cabinet and also for a regional production of The Crucible". For the satire piece, McKinnon as Graham demanded that Democrats leave Kavanaugh alone, but not without repeatedly comparing Kavanaugh to Bill Cosby. "I just blacked out for a second". "Did you ever blackout?" He capped the sketch with a warning: "If you think I'm angry now you just wait until I get on that Supreme Court - because then you're all going to pay!"

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