Graham defends Kavanaugh temperament at hearing as 'innocent' man being 'destroyed'

This image released by the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday Sept. 26 2018 in Washington shows Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh's calendar from the Summer of 1982

Sen. Lindsey Graham got really, really mad at the Kavanaugh hearing

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham gave a master class in how it's done, almost foaming at the mouth.

Graham called the allegations "crap" and accused Democrats of using Ford to ruin Kavanaugh's life and to block his confirmation to the Supreme Court. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Debra Katz, one of Ford's attorneys who has been involved in Democratic politics in the past.

"I've never felt better about [Kavanaugh] being on the bench than I do right now", Graham said. "The American people deserve to know how Dr. Ford's confidentially was violated and what Senator Feinstein and her Democrat colleagues were doing behind the scenes for months", Hawley said in statement. It contains mildly objectionable language. Democrats have victimized Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh, not the man she said tried to rape her. See, if somebody hadn't leaked her anonymous complaint to her senator and congresswoman, none of this bad publicity for Brett Kavanaugh would have happened.

Graham also told Kavanaugh, "You have got nothing to apologize for".

"This is the most unethical sham since I've been in politics", Graham lashed out, accusing Democrats of deliberately withholding Blasey Ford's assault allegations until the conservative judge's confirmation process was almost complete. During the earlier session with Ms. Blasey Ford, Republicans deferred to a female sex-crimes prosecutor hired specifically to ask questions.

SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh snubbed the question whether he would want the FBI to conduct an investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Graham's defenses of Kavanaugh echo those of President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly called his nominee an "outstanding" person and slammed the allegations as a "con job" by Democrats to derail his confirmation.

"And if you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as hell wouldn't have done what you've done to this guy".

Graham added that he believes "a lot of people believe it's a noble cause to take down Kavanaugh". Numerous women have come forward alleging sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh.

"Contrary to her wishes, Dr. Ford was thrust into the national spotlight".

The fact that they agreed to a limited, one-week investigation won't tie their hands when that leaves the nation knowing no more than it did last Friday. That could change. After Thursday, a lot of otherwise marginal Republican voters will be motivated by the Kavanaugh travesty and the Democrats' disgusting tactics. And Boot faulted Graham for not "seriously questioning Kavanaugh".

Kavanaugh whined, "I have been through hell and then some".

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