Bill Cosby Sentenced to Prison - Judge Declares Him a 'Sexually Violent Predator'

Bill Cosby in court for sexual assault sentencing, capping downfall

Bill Cosby learns today whether he’ll go to prison

He was also denied bail and led out of the courtroom in handcuffs.

Unsealed depositions from that civil court case, which included Cosby's confession to purchasing Quaaludes to drug women with, helped to open the criminal investigation which eventually led to Cosby's conviction this year. When the judge questioned the usually chatty comedian about whether he understood his decision not to address the court, he audibly answered, "Yes".

"Do you understand that the judge has determined that you qualify as a sexually violent predator?" one of the prosecutors asked.

Five months after walking out of the Montgomery County Courthouse with a guilty verdict, Bill Cosby has learned his fate.

"Eighty-one-year-old blind men who are not self-sufficient are not a danger, unless perhaps to themselves", he said.

"It is important to point out this has been the most racist and sexist trials in the history of the United States", Wyatt told reporters after the sentencing. However, judges are allowed to issuesentences beyond those guidelines. In fact, he could choose to issue a smaller or larger sentence.

The sentence was reduced from a maximum of 30 years.

Each count carried a sentence up to 10 years in prison.

He arrived at the court in Pennsylvania several hours ago wearing a blue, pin-striped suit, before Judge Steven T. O'Neill - who oversaw Cosby's 2018 retrial, as well as the 2017 mistrial that ended in a hung jury - handed down his sentence.

"The suggestion that Mr. Cosby is risky is not supported by anything other than the frenzy", Green said, as demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse.

Is he in prison now?

Cosby has been on house arrest-not waiting in jail where he belongs-since his conviction in April of this year.

Cosby's defense team however, balked at the label.

The defense argues that he's old, frail and legally blind, and should be sent home on house arrest. And he ordered Cosby to go to prison immediately.

The sentence means that Cosby could spend at least three years in prison, but up to 10.

Cosby is the first celebrity of the #MeToo era to be sent to prison. He walked out of the courtroom in a white dress shirt and red suspenders, with his hands cuffed in front of him. He must serve the minimum of three years before becoming eligible for parole.

"See, I got the last laugh, pal", Dickinson said.

A psychologist said on Monday that The Cosby Show star appeared to have a mental disorder that gave him uncontrollable urges to have sex without consent with a slew over women over decades. "So lenient that I nearly wouldn't be surprised if Cosby's people only file an appeal of the guilty verdict".

While Cosby did not cooperate with the Assessment Board's review, it drew on investigation documents, trial transcripts, and law enforcement interviews with Cosby and other witnesses in the case. A psychologist for the defense countered that Cosby's age made reoffending unlikely.

Cosby's team and supporters rallied around him Tuesday after the news.

The designation comes with strict requirements, including monthly counseling and registration as a sex offender with police for the rest of his life.

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