Tightening Texas race boosts Democrats’ hopes of taking U.S. Senate

TX-Sen O’Rourke says officer who killed Botham Jean should be fired Cruz wants due process

Ted Cruz jokingly warns his supporters that 'BBQ will be illegal' if rival Beto O'Rourke wins Senate election

O'Rourke had a split 43-43 favorability rating in this poll.

A poll released Tuesday by Quinnipiac University showed Cruz with a nine-point advantage over O'Rourke with just 49 days to go until the November election.

"Ted Cruz is cruzin' for a bruisin' because you don't mess with Texas tofu-eaters". O', who is challenging the notion that a liberal Democrat can not win statewide in Texas and has pulled even in the race, according to a poll released Wednesday. Quinnipiac previously polled registered voters three times, finding Cruz ahead by 6 points in August, 11 in May and 3 in April.

Latino voters were about one-fourth of the Texas vote for president in 2016.

A representative for O'Rourke's campaign did not respond to ABC News' request for comment on Cruz's assertion.

"There should be 10 times as much money across all markets", said Albert Morales, a Fort Worth native who serves as senior political director for the left-leaning polling firm Latino Decisions.

The poll also showed Florida's Republican governor, Rick Scott, with a 1-percentage-point lead over Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson.

O'Rourke on Tuesday launched his campaign's first Spanish-language TV ads, a move acknowledging the Democrat would need strong turnout by Hispanic voters to win.

Texas's Republican Gov. Greg Abbott won 44 percent of the Latino vote in his 2014, and he's running this year for a second term. Mr. Nelson has irritated Republican fans in recent weeks for supporting Sen. "They're going to help us decide as a country, are we a nation of walls?" "Congressman O'Rourke may be drawing big crowds and media attention, but Texas likely voters like Sen. Let's work together to lead the way on healthcare, education, and immigration reform".

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