Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire in Woman's Purse, Lawsuit Filed

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the largest battery on any Note smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the largest battery on any Note smartphone

Following this, she chose to stop using the phone, and kept it in her purse.

Prior to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's release in August, the company's mobile head, D.J. Koh, assured consumers that the device's battery is "safer than ever". The lawsuit was filed by a woman who claims her Note 9 caught fire inside her purse.

Softpedia News reported that a lawsuit filed in NY states real estate agent Diane Chung was using her Galaxy Note 9 earlier this month when is started "getting really hot". She stopped using the phone and placed it in her purse, but soon heard a whistling and screeching sound before noticing "thick smoke". Panicked, she threw her bag on the floor and started emptying it.

Chung has reportedly filed a lawsuit in the Queens Supreme Court while seeking a restraining order on the sale of Samsung Galaxy Note 9. While some have speculated that the Samsung Galaxy S10 could finally be the foldable phone we've all been expecting, it's unlikely that Samsung will have its expected foldable screen technology on its flagship range, and will rather launch it as a separate product line. When the elevator reached the lobby and the doors opened, she kicked the phone out. She claimed that the alleged fire destroyed everything that was in the purse, adding that she was unable to contact her real estate clients due to her "defective" Note 9.

In an email to PCMag, Samsung said it's looking into the incident.

So far, this is only one incident of a Galaxy Note 9 catching fire and it does not necessarily suggest a widespread issue.

For its part, Samsung says it is investigating the matter but that no similar incidents have been reported. If Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 suffers the same fate as Note 7, the company might have to consider discontinuing the entire line-up. "We've instituted a water-based carbon cooling system that is unique to Samsung, in addition to the eight-step battery safety check we created", Beaumont said.

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