Making the most of iOS 12's Siri Shortcuts

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Apple iOS 12 update: How to download

You're definitely going to have better luck with iOS 12 than any other prior major version of iOS, in our experience. I've been testing iOS 12 on multiple devices and it has not only been one of the fastest and most stable betas I can remember; it is probably the most stable version of iOS in years.

The only piece of advice I would have is to wait for a day to install the update or at least not immediately after iOS 12 is released on Tuesday. You can check our post to find the latest status of the iOS 11 jailbreak. Is your device running into issues?

Furthermore, improvements have been added to Photos and the camera, while Apple News has a new Browse feature, the Stocks app has been redesigned, iBooks has been revamped with a new look and new name, "Apple Books" and more. All iPhones which were compatible with iOS 11 will be able to run Apple's new operating system.

"All of these devices, including the iPhone 5S, run iOS 12, and iOS 12 is created to make your iPhone and iPad experience even better, even more responsive, faster... just better!" You can also plug it into your computer and update it via iTunes if you want to do it that way.

Traditionally, Apple releases major software updates around 10 AM PT.

How to update your HomePod?

The new features aren't game-changing, but they're still extremely welcome, particularly the capability to make and receive phone calls directly (see "HomePod First Impressions: Let the (Apple) Music Play", 12 February 2018, and "Beyond Music: Comparing the HomePod to Amazon Echo and Google Home", 15 March 2018).

You can also limit the amount of time spent on apps. At 1.5 GB, it's a big download, but it installed reasonably quickly. Apple's retooled version of this app is Siri Shortcuts. You also don't have to put up with force-closing apps as much on this new device, as that procedure has been improved upon as well.

Once the error appears, simply tap on "Close" and then head over to the stock Settings app, tap on General and then Software Update. It's a 340 MB update on my Apple Watch Series 2. It even integrates with the Apple Watch and the Health app to track certain tasks automatically. Here's hoping we don't see any trouble in the long term!

Although we didn't test betas of tvOS 12, readers have said that it has worked well.

iOS 12 tweaks the operating system with Grouped Notifications, Memoji being added to Animoji, and better speeds for older devices. So should you upgrade?

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