Google is pulling the plug on its experimental Inbox email app

Google Inbox

Google is Killing Inbox

Google launched Inbox by Gmail nearly four years ago with innovative features not found in Gmail. There have always been speculations about the the uncertain future of the Inbox since Google launched the new Gmail earlier this year.

The first Chromebooks were extremely dependent on an internet connection, so to help alleviate that problem, Google published a 'Gmail Offline' app on the Chrome Web Store.

Inbox has pioneered numerous features that are now part of the new Gmail.

Google is shutting down Inbox in March 2019, and encouraging users to switch back to Gmail.

"With respect to the upcoming Gmail announcement, there are no changes to Inbox by Gmail". The death of Inbox is not entirely out of the blue - numerous features that made it unique have become part of Gmail over the years.

Follow-ups (nudges): Gmail occasionally moves old emails to the top of your inbox with a suggestion to reply or follow up. The app which served as an experimental testbed for Gmail features as well as a streamlined email client for the service, has apparently outlived its welcome with the company.

Search giant Google is pulling the plug on its Inbox app. At that time, the company will discontinue the app. Both these services made quite the splash among tech enthusiasts, though not so much for their shared history of initially forcing users to register via an invite-only system. Just another case of Google killing off an app or service, Google giveth and Google taketh. Google has not revealed the exact date of the shut down but it has created a transition guide to help the users of Inbox shift to Gmail. Let us know in the comment section below.

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