Alex Jones, Infowars Permanently Banned By Twitter

Marco Rubio Calls Alex Jones a Clown: ‘Don’t Touch Me Again!’

Marco Rubio calls Alex Jones a 'clown' during heated exchange on Capitol Hill

In response, Rubio said he wouldn't need security's help if Jones kept touching him, saying "I'll take you out myself".

Jones and Infowars remain on Twitter, and Jones maintains the support of President Donald Trump.

Neither Rubio's office nor Infowars immediately responded to requests for comment.

"You're not going to get arrested, man". Marco Rubio as a "little punk" and heckling a reporter, all while posting the spectacle on Facebook and Twitter. Even in a fight with Alex Jones. "You're a snake", shot back Jones, touching the senator's shoulder to keep his attention.

The senator attempted to ignore Jones, telling him he didn't know who he was and calling him a "dumbass".

After weeks of controversy, Twitter officially banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his InfoWars site from its platform.

If you are a neo-Nazi, a Russian bot, Alex Jones, or anyone else spreading lies that endanger lives, you're not entitled to a platform. Jones then suggested the lawmaker wanted to get him arrested, whining, "It's not enough to take away my First Amendment".

The announcement came a day after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified on Capitol Hill, with Jones making an appearance at the hearing. "You are like a little gangster thug". Rubio, clearly irritated by Jones' loud interruptions while being interviewed, threatened to "handle" Jones himself after the host touched him. So Jones, the Infowars founder and fringe conspiracy theorist who was recently banned from most major social media websites, chose to show up on Capitol Hill to wander around the halls ranting about being censored and claiming that the media slandered him, per CNBC. "I don't really go on your website".

Jones on Wednesday confronted CNN's Oliver Darcy, the network said, who has reported extensively on Twitter's rules, and Jones' violations of them. He also livestreamed a news conference Wednesday from Washington on his Twitter account, which has been restored after a weeklong suspension last month.

Jones was previously suspended by the service for a week.

Rubio went back to speaking to reporters with an impressive poker face as Jones continually interjected, claiming that "Democrats are raping Republicans".

Rubio eventually ended the gaggle to return to committee, leaving the reporters to "talk to this clown".

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