Google Assistant is now bilingual, can understand two languages at once

Your Google Assistant is bilingual starting today — at least, for any pair of six specific languages

Google Assistant can now understand two languages at once

Google in a blog post on Friday announced that the Google Assistant service will now be able to understand and speak two languages at once. It means you can speak two languages interchangeably with Google Assistant on smart speakers and smartphones.

Back in April, we shared some test results with you from a marketing company that set out to answer a simple question: which is the most efficient virtual assistant?

However, there's one Google Smart Speaker that's been absent from our United Kingdom base for an annoyingly long time.

Google said the skill is launching as an "experimental feature" that is available on any hardware equipped with Assistant, such as phones, smart TVs and Google Home.

Announced at IFA 2018, the range includes the new 710GA over-ear headphones, combining JBL's long audio heritage with intuitive voice activation technology from Google, which can be activated by using touch sensors on the earcup. It not only recognises the language of the speaker, but it actually transcribes up to two different languages simultaneously as it tries to identify what's being said.

Google Assistant keeps gaining support for more languages including Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Thai over the past couple of months. This process gets complicated, so users have to specify which two languages they want their Google Assistant to understand.

In addition to supporting multiple languages, the assistant will use machine learning to enhance user experience.

"We are delighted to bring the long-awaited Google Home Max to United Kingdom shores", said Mark Spates, senior product manager at Google. Google says it will be expanding to even more languages in the future. "If you are speaking to your Google Home that's assigned to your living room, you don't have to then append "...on living room TV" at the end.

The Google Home Routine feature seems to be activated from the server-side so there is no need for waiting for an update on Play Store or for an APK file.

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