Apple iPhone XS Photos Leak, Showcasing Gold Color

Apple Watch 4: New rumours, release dates and everything we know so far

This year's iPhones will be announced on Sept. 12

Such a major design change could shock users (a lot of them, since 70% of all new iPhone buyers will reportedly upgrade over the next year).

Later on Thursday, website 9to5Mac published photos of two new iPhones and a new Apple Watch.

Apple, as always, has remained tight-lipped about its product plans, and it's not clear how the company will pitch so many new models of the iPhone to customers.

There's only an outline of what appears to be Apple Park as seen from above in copper (could it be hinting at a new copper-colored iPhone?) and "Gather round" below it.

It's just about September, meaning Apple is likely gearing up to present the world with a new iPhone.

At first glance, and even second, it looks very much like existing Apple Watches.

Mark September 12 on your calendars: that's the date when the new iPhones will be launched.

"What's less clear is what the bigger, 6.5" model will be called - iPhone XS Plus perhaps?

The new watch face is likely Apple attempting to take advantage of the larger screen real estate, and it's more than possible that Apple has also designed a number of other new watch faces to do the same. Reports dating back to this spring suggested that Apple may debut an updated-yet-cheaper version of the MacBook Air with slimmer bezels, a better display, and a price tag around or below $999.

Following the official announcement of its iPhone event slated for September 12, Apple dedicated news platform 9to5Mac has released a never-before-seen image of the next iPhone.

Although the iPhone business is making more money than ever, the number of iPhones that Apple is selling isn't growing as fast as it did in the early days of the smartphone market. Expect a dual lens camera out of the larger phones. Both models resemble the current iPhone X.

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