OJ Simpson High Fived Sacha Baron Cohen Since They're Both 'Lady Killers'

Sacha Baron Cohen and OJ Simpson

Sacha Baron Cohen says he and guest O.J. Simpson are 'ladykillers' on Who Is America? finale

The season finale of Sacha Baron Cohen's much-hyped show Who is America? is set to air Sunday night, and a promo for the episode revealed a surprise guest: O.J.

In the segment, which Deadline claims was filmed using hidden cameras, Simpson sits down for an interview with Gio Monaldo, an Italian billionaire playboy and fashion photographer played by Baron Cohen in prosthetics and a ponytail.

Simpson's reactions are uncomfortable, awkward. but totally priceless.

"The cord's extra long", Simpson reportedly said, laughing.

Even when Simpson tried to get Sacha to stop, the comedian kept pressing. When the woman can not identify Simpson, Cohen makes a stabbing motion.

"We want you to be completely truthful with how you got away with it", Cohen pressed on as Monaldo. Gio continued, proceeding to snag a high-five from Simpson.

After Cohen's pretend girlfriend left, Simpson told the fake interviewer she was "gorgeous".

And, according to Entertainment Weekly, throughout the entire interview Simpson had no idea that it was 46-year-old Cohen in disguise.

His sensational show "Who is America?" continues to fill us with immeasurable nachas (and anxiety.) He strategically chose notorious figures to target with sly barbs and sharp-edged guile.

"Well, first of all, she wasn't my wife". He added: "I want to send her on a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon - oops-a-daisy".

"She's gorgeous, but sometimes I want to kill her", said Monaldo.

Monaldo appeared to sympathize with Simpson's infamy in the eyes of the press, saying: "You're not O.J. the touchdown". "We both, how you say, lady killers?" Unfortunately, Simpson didn't crack, though not for Baron Cohen's lack of trying.

Cohen also brought back his character Erran Morad, Israeli military expert, who met with three Trump supporters who were competing to help Morad fight antifa. "I didn't "get away" with nothing".

Gio asks to be introduced to Simpson's defense lawyer, Johnnie Cochran (who died in 2005), and Simpson says, "I would have to introduce you in the afterlife". In Italian it translates to "somebody who, uh, murders women".

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