The us Senate is attacked by Russian hackers

A man is silhouetted as he walks in front of Microsoft logo. Microsoft says it’s uncovered new Russian hacking attempts targeting U.S. political groups ahead of the midterm elections

Russian hackers target Republicans in new twist on election meddling, Microsoft finds

Microsoft has successfully disrupted a hacking campaign aimed at US midterm elections.

But he cautioned that average Americans are quickly becoming conditioned to assume that Russian Federation has had some sort of impact on whatever they're seeing in relation to USA elections, making even unsuccessful efforts like the one thwarted by Microsoft into an effective weapon. It said claims by Microsoft are clearly meant to "demonstrate its loyalty" amid "the witch hunt that has engulfed Washington".

In July, Russia meddling investigator Robert Mueller indicted 12 GRU agents over their hacking actions in the 2016 election.

FILE PHOTO: A Microsoft logo is seen in Los Angeles, California U.S. November 7, 2017.

Reuters last week that the FBI was investigating a cyber attack on the congressional campaign of David Min, a Democratic candidate who lost a June primary for California's 45th Congressional district.

The U.S. Congress is considering measures that would impose more sanctions on Russian Federation if it's found to be meddling in the midterms.

The Kremlin has denied the allegations, according to the Russian news agency Interfax.

Microsoft said the internet has become an avenue for some governments to steal information, spread disinformation and potentially tamper with voting.

"Another is similar to the domain used by the Hudson Institute, which hosts prominent discussions on topics including cybersecurity, among other important activities".

Would-be hackers set up legitimate-sounding websites and domains from which emails can be sent, say in a phishing attack.

Microsoft's president and chief legal officer, Brad Smith, said there was no sign the hackers successfully infiltrated either conservative think tank.

"We're glad that our work is attracting the attention of bad actors", said Hudson Institute spokesman David Tell.

The International Republican Institute is led by a board that includes six Republican senators, as well as prominent Russian Federation critic Mitt Romney, who is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Utah this autumn. Those targets aren't of particular importance to the 2018 midterms but they could be influential when it comes to something else that Russian Federation wants to change: USA sanctions.

Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen.

Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have called for tough measures against Russian Federation after Trump was seen as too conciliatory toward Putin in Helsinki.

"It's clear that democracies around the world are under attack", Microsoft said, highlighting that cyberattacks are on the rise, especially when the attacks could be used to influence elections. A federal judge in Virginia a " in 2016 to authorize Microsoft to seize control of fake sites. Think tanks in rival nations are generally fair game for cyberspies, including for US and other Western intelligence agencies, he said.

Russian Federation has been accused of meddling with the USA elections in 2016 using the internet, with tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter having been summoned a year ago to testify before US legislators over the issue. The lack of Democratic groups targeted is conspicuous, suggesting that hackers believe the conservative-leaning electorate to be easier targets.

Software maker Microsoft says that hackers linked to Russia's government tried to launch computer attacks on United States websites.

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