Huawei False Advertising: Nova 3 Selfies Were Actually Taken By DSLR Camera

Huawei does it again, passes off a professional photo as a selfie from its new phone

Huawei caught using a DSLR trying to sell the Nova 3's camera

In this photo. the shot in question which revealed that Huawei was using a DSLR, not a Nova 3.

The commercial that promotes Nova 3 shows a couple that makes a lot of selfies with the phone, each photo presenting another function of the AI created by the company.

Huawei said in a statement that its disclaimer at the end of the ad-which refers to "product characteristics and actual specifications" as well as "presentation contents"-absolves them of the subterfuge". However, here there was no need for any EXIS data because an actual image of the camera sample being taken by a DSLR instead of Nova 3 came into light.

While Huawei has brought phenomenal smartphones in the market, the company has occasionally been caught involved in the acts of deception.

"The photo supposedly shows that the phone's artificial intelligence (AI)-driven beauty feature digitally altered the image so she didn't have to finish applying real makeup to look like she was wearing it", reported on Tuesday.

And then we see the above photo on Sarah Elshamy's Twitter account, which shows the man in the commercial not only isn't taking a selfie, he's not even holding a phone at all.

With dual front 24MP+2MP camera, the latest AI enabled smartphone offers stunning AI selfies.

Huawei has once again been caught playing fast and loose with its advertising materials after news that it misrepresented the photography capabilities of its mid-range Nova 3 series emerged.

Well, later it turned out that the picture was taken from a DSLR.

Thanks to Samsung's decision to use stock photos (for which it paid almost $1,000) and pawn them off as pictures snapped with the front-facing dual cameras on the Galaxy A8 (2018), we blew the dust off a similar story from July 2016 that featured Huawei. We recognise though that we should have been clearer with the captions for this image.

It was also caught photo shopping away the bezels on renderings for its P8 phone used in certain advertisements.

The nova 3 will be available to Amazon prime member from August 22, 2018, 12 noon and will go on an open sale on August 23, 2018 starting 1:00 PM.

Is this clever marketing or a deceptive representation of the Nova 3?

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