Former Nazi camp guard deported from U.S. at the age of 95

Hillel Goldman associate principal of the Orthodox Jewish Rambam Mesivta High School speaks as he and students from the school protest former Nazi concentration camp guard Jakiw Palij 94 Thursday Nov. 9 2017 in Jackson Heights New York

U.S. deports its last known Nazi collaborator

"The US administration, senators, members of Congress and representatives of the Jewish community in the United States stress that people who served the rogue Nazi regime should not be able to live out their twilight years in peace in their country of choice, the United States", the ministry added.

Germany's Foreign Minister says that the country has a "moral obligation" to seek justice for victims of the Holocaust, after 95-year-old former Nazi concentration camp guard, Jakiw Palij was deported to Germany.

New York City Alerts shared an ABC News video on Twitter of Palij being removed from his home by officials.

Few of them faced justice - until now, perhaps. Michael R. Sisak and Randy Herschaft reported from NY. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper in Germany reported that Palij was moved to a nursing home upon arrival.

"The United States will never be a safe haven for those who have participated in atrocities, war crimes, and human rights abuses", Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement on August 21.

In reality, officials say, he played an essential role in the Nazi programme to exterminate Jews in German-occupied Poland, as an armed guard at Trawniki.

Palij, 95, was born in what was then-Poland and now Ukraine, and immigrated to the USA in 1949, becoming a citizen in 1957.

In 2001, however, Palij confessed to being involved with the Nazi SS paramilitary organization.

Palij reportedly lied on his 1959 immigration application; claiming he spent the war working on a farm.

In 2003, Palij's American citizenship was revoked.

Look, no one is happier about Nazis getting deported than I am, but all ICE did was drive that old-ass Nazi to the airport, and now they want a medal for it.

All the agency's suspects are in their 90s, and some are likely to die ahead of any sentencing or could be declared unfit to stand trial.

"Today's news of Palij's deportation is a win for justice and an affirmation of the United States' opposition to hate". The 99-year-old who now lives in Minneapolis was the subject of a series of 2013 reports by the AP that led Polish prosecutors to issue an arrest warrant for him.

German prosecutors have previously said it does not appear that there's enough evidence to charge Palij with wartime crimes.

The German judiciary has been infamously reluctant to prosecute Holocaust perpetrators. High-ranking Nazi officers were often only charged with lesser offenses because their direct responsibility for the killing of one or more individuals could not be proved based on the narrow German jurisdiction.

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The full statement can be found here: Statement from the Press Secretary regarding former Nazi SS labor camp guard.

Since 2005, the Justice Department has won deportation orders for 11 Nazi criminals, but only one of them has been successfully sent overseas: John Demjanjuk, a retired autoworker who had also served as a guard at Trawniki.

Germany's Central Office for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes in Ludwigsburg is still investigating individuals after the 2011 conviction of Sobibor death camp guard John Demjanjuk gave it a new impetus.

At the time, many feared that it may also have been the last.

"Even being trained at a camp is not sufficient", said Jens Rommel, Germany's top Nazi hunter.

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