Whiteboards used as Gatwick flight information screens fail

London Gatwick tweet

London Gatwick apologised to passengers for the chaotic scenes

All flights are now leaving on time.

London's Gatwick has resorted to using marking pens and whiteboards to post flight information after a technical failure at the United Kingdom airport caused electronic message boards to malfunction.

The airport set up whiteboards to direct passengers to their gates because sometimes low tech is the best solution to high-tech problems.

A Vodafone spokeswoman told Business Insider: "We have identified a damaged fibre cable which is used by Gatwick Airport to display flight information".

'Please use the temporary flight boards in the departure lounges or listen for airline flight announcements.

The UK's second largest airport, which serves 45 million passengers a year on short and long-haul flights, descended into farcical chaos today after a damaged Vodafone fibre optic cable took out the information screens and forced many passengers to get flight updates from hand-drawn white boards.

"Thank goodness I have eagle vision and can read messy writing from a distance".

Gatwick Express, which provides trains to the airport, said the issues "may result in screens around the station showing no information". "We are keeping Gatwick Airport constantly informed of progress". Why not pre-assign gates like Canadian airports?'

An airport spokesman apologised to passengers affected by the issue, adding that a "handful of people" had missed their flights.

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