Gmail Confidential Mode rolling out on Android; here’s how to use it

Gmail Brings Confidential Emails to Mobile

Gmail Confidential Mode Rolling Out, Password Protect Attachments...

"Confidential mode is now available on mobile devices and can help you protect sensitive information from unauthorized access", Gmail tweeted on Wednesday. While it's been live on the desktop for Gmail, it's not been active in the Android app...until now.

Google earlier this year updated its Gmail with a fresh design and number of new features.

Gmail Confidential Mode is useful especially in today's time when every day we hear a new incident related to cybercrime.

So, there you have it: now you can do a little more to secure your emails when you use Gmail. Also, the confidential mode feature isn't now available for G Suite customers.

It appears as an ordinary email for Gmail users, yet for non-Gmail recipients, it appears as a connection that opens up in a protected entryway. You can set a password for your attachments so only those with the password can view the email. Google added the feature recently in all Android applications.

If it makes it past that stage and the email is actually "sent", you can still stop the recipient from getting it.

Press the toggle switch next to the Confidential Mode option to enable the feature.

Users interested in trying out the new confidential mode should look for a new confidential mode icon in the bottom right corner of the compose window.

In addition, all messages sent through confidential mode, you can not forward a text from them it will be impossible to copy. The features offered by the Confidential Mode on Android are similar to the web version.

Thoughts about Gmail's Confidential Mode?

Some people contest Google's use of the word "confidential", arguing it might mislead people into expecting true confidentiality when in fact it doesn't. But those who use another email service will still have to use a passcode to access the info. The users will not face any issue opening those messages.

The company's support page describes confidential mode in more detail.

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