Teenage fan hacks into Apple network

The teenager cannot be identified because of his young age. File pic

The teenager cannot be identified because of his young age. File pic

For a teenager to hack into Apple's corporate network is no small deal since Apple is known to take security very seriously. The data that had been downloaded was apparently stored in a folder named "hacky hack hack". The teenager's defense lawyer mentioned that he had become very popular in the global hacking community and so revealing the details of this case to the public could end up exposing his identity.

A teenage boy from Australia has pleaded guilty to hacking into Apple's network and downloading internal files, according to reports.

He was charged after Apple contacted the FBI after becoming aware of the hack and referred it to the Australian Federal Police, who then raided his family home, finding two Apple laptops with serial numbers that matched those of the devices used in the hacking. The teenager reportedly used WhatsApp to send these keys to others.

The court heard that he had broken into the company's mainframe a number of times previous year and downloaded around 90 gigabytes of files before the hack was traced and he was blocked.

Apple said that it had, "discovered the unauthorised access, contained it, and reported the incident to law enforcement", although it hasn't discussed the specifics of the incident.

Apple says its customers' data wasn't compromised by an Australian teen's alleged hacking.

A mobile phone and hard drive were also seized whose IP address matched those detected in the breaches, he added.

The newspaper reports that the teen told authorities he had "dreamed of" being an Apple employee.

His name could not be made public and he will be sentenced next month. "It's not right, but for tech teens, it can be a part of growing up. there's usually a really anxious teen and family at the end of this sort of court case".

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