Manafort trial judge: I've been threatened

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort goes through security as he arrives at federal court in Washington

JACQUELYN MARTIN AP Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort goes through security as he arrives at federal court in Washington

"He worked for me for a very short period of time", Trump said, adding, "but you know what?"

"I don't talk about that now", he said, before ripping the prosecution of his former adviser by special counsel Robert Mueller's team of investigators.

The case does not involve any work Manafort did during his five-month stint as Trump's campaign chairman, but it centers on charges that Manafort hid income he earned from political consulting work for a former pro-Russia president of Ukraine from 2010 to 2014 to escape paying USA taxes on that income.

On Friday, Trump issued a fresh defense of Manafort and called him a "very good person".

"We should not take anything about the current length of the deliberations to suggest that Manafort will or will not be convicted on all or most of the charges he faces", Abramson said. Under U.S. law, the guilt of the accused must be proven "beyond a reasonable doubt" or there can be no conviction. On the first day the jury heard testimony, Trump said Manafort had been treated worse than 1920s gangster Al Capone. The case calls on the dozen jurors to follow the complexities of foreign bank accounts and shell companies, loan regulations and tax rules. Ellis responded that the prosecutors had to prove their case not "beyond possible doubt", but beyond "doubt based on reason".

In the District of Columbia, Manafort is scheduled to go on trial in September on charges including conspiracy to defraud the United States, failing to register as a foreign agent, money laundering, witness tampering and making false statements. The charges have nothing to do with Manafort's conduct as Trump's campaign manager between March and August 2016.

A courtroom sketch depicts Paul Manafort fourth from right standing with his lawyers in front of US district Judge
Jury in trial of ex-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort submits four questions to judge

He is then believed to have lied to banks to get loans when the money ran out - and is now facing 18 felony counts on tax evasion and bank fraud.

The jury concluded deliberations around 5:30pm (local time) after receiving Judge Ellis' answers. They return Monday morning.

The case that Bob Mueller has brought against Paul Manafort has nothing to do with Donald Trump or the 2016 election. At the end of each day, Ellis has reminded the jurors not to discuss the case with anyone, read any media reports or do any research on their own.

Jurors may speak to the media and about their deliberations after the trial is over, and the judge complimented the several media organizations that had filed a request to obtain trial proceedings: "A thirsty press is essential in a free country", he said.

The FBI reportedly had an active criminal investigation on Manafort since 2014 to do with business dealings while he was lobbying for former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

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