Klopp ready to cut down Liverpool squad size

Sergio Ramos says he would never deliberately hurt a player

Sergio Ramos says he would never deliberately hurt a player

After Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp called Sergio Ramos "ruthless and brutal” for his foul that injured Mo Salah in the Champions League final Real Madrid won in May, the defender hit back at the German coach".

Sources have told ESPN FC that Klavan is in Italy ahead of completing a £2 million move to Serie A side Cagliari.

Jurgen Klopp would be open to trimming his Liverpool squad before the transfer deadlines close around Europe but insists any deal must be right for the club.

'He's a very good football player. We are not in a financial need.

"It's the first time I've heard about it now".

"I'm hearing about it for the first time now, so it doesn't seem like it's close", he said. Dejan is still injured but we have Matt Phillips and Fabinho can play the position as well, if we need.

"I really think we could give a few players the opportunity but we have to see how many".

"He's a strong as player, always looking for the win, as do I. Whatever happens on the pitch, after the final whistle we shake hands and that's the end of the story".

"We have others as well, Joel is nearly back, hopefully in the squad Monday, Dejan is still a bit injured".

Liverpool supporters, however, revelled in the fact that Ramos, who was seemingly unharmed by the challenge, was given his comeuppance - even if it wasn't enough to force him off the field as it was Salah.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is the most obvious example of this with the young right-back given the opportunity to play in the absence of Nathaniel Clyne previous year and taking that opportunity with both hands.

'Atletico have always had an ambitious project, we can get anywhere with work, humility. We're still in a process and we have to develop. "We are not the best team in the world, so there's a lot of space for us to improve in all departments".

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