Internet giants delete content of United States conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

Twitter suspends Alex Jones for a week for inciting violence

Twitter suspends Alex Jones from key functions of account: report

Twitter joined other tech companies - including Apple, Facebook and YouTube - that have started to ban the right-wing conspiracy theorist.

But then, as is often the case on Twitter, a movement to get Jones off Twitter sprung into action.

Twitter users responded to the suspension with a collective "Seriously?" However, though Jones' account was suspended over the video, it was still viewable on Twitter-owned Periscope through InfoWars' account. There are three quick & easy ways.

He was temporarily barred from tweeting yesterday for sharing a live video stream in which viewers were encouraged to take up "battle rifles" against the media.

Holt brought up the above tweet from Trump and asked, "Would that violate your terms of service?"

During this time Jones can not sent tweets or retweets. In the meantime, Jones simply moved over to his InfoWars account, where he proceeded to push his risky, completely unhinged conspiracy theories, like his current favorite about special prosecutor Robert Mueller abusing children.

But finally, late Tuesday night, Twitter appears to have handed Jones literally the lightest form of punishment available.

A Twitter spokesman confirmed the account has limited functionality.

First reported by CNN, Alex Jones will be unable to send tweets for the next week, but the operators of his account will still be able to read tweets.

Dorsey told The Hill that Twitter decided not to take action over the earlier tweets because they hadn't been flagged at the time.

Despite the Twitter suspension Wednesday, Jones' video remained on Periscope.

Twitter "suspending" Jones for just seven days is a slap on the wrist.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talked on NBC Nightly News tonight about putting Alex Jones in a "timeout", but he also weighed in on tweets from the President.

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