Omarosa claims Trump is a racist, used N-word on 'The Apprentice'

Omarosa says she has dirt on Donald Trump... and it's racial

Omarosa says she has dirt on Donald Trump... and it's racial

In her book Unhinged, about her time working for Donald Trump at the White House, Omarosa cites three anonymous sources claiming the mics picked up on Trump using offensive language multiple times. The Guardian published details of her book, which will be published next week.

Newman also claimed that she witnessed Trump use racial epithets about White House counselor Kellyanne Conway's husband, George Conway, who is half-Filipino.

"The allegation is not credible, and indeed is ridiculous, particularly in light of the timing of her departure from the White House-December 12, 2017", Conway wrote in a tweet. "Using the N-word was not just the way he talks but, more disturbing, it was how he thought of me and African Americans as a whole".

Reports have been circulating for years that outtakes from the reality television show exist in which Trump can be heard saying the N-word.

Manigault Newman's tenure in the White House was marred by drama and intrigue; she generated a series of negative headlines for the administration, including when she attempted to host a photo shoot for her wedding on White House grounds.

Manigault Newman writes in the book, according to the Guardian, that in late 2016 Trump's team held a conference call to discuss possible responses should the tape be made public. Omarosa pans President Trump an unhinged "racist, misogynist and bigot".

The Trump campaign declined to comment on Manigault Newman's description of the deal Lara Trump supposedly offered her.

The contradiction is important because in Manigault's version of the events she was hot on the trail of Trump's n-word tape when she was called in to speak with Chief of Staff John Kelly who told her there were "significant integrity issues" and "pretty significant legal issues that we hope won't make it ugly for you". The campaign would have tasked her with "diversity" outreach. Further bolstering the likelihood of this claim the fact President Trump's longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller was offered a similar amount from the Republican National Committee after he left the White House.

Incredibly, this person - who shall remain nameless - picked up the phone.

"I saw him put a note in his mouth".

Sanders also says, "It's sad that a disgruntled former White House employee is trying to profit off these false attacks". Since Trump was ever the germophobe, I was shocked he appeared to be chewing and swallowing the paper. "It must have been something very, very sensitive", she writes in her book.

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