North Korea threatens to keep nukes

Roh Seok-whan vice commissioner of the Korea Customs Office, announces the outcome of the agency's probe into South Korean companies&apos suspected transactions of North Korean coal and pig iron in violation of U.N. sanctions on North Korea

John Bolton Says North Korea Hasn't Done Much To Rid Itself Of Nuclear Weapons

It blamed "some high-level officials within the US administration", who were "going against the intention of President Trump".

USA officials familiar with the talks, however, told Reuters that North Korea had yet to agree to a timeline for eliminating its nuclear arsenal or to disclose its size, which US estimates have put at between 30 and 60 warheads.

Three South Korean companies brought in North Korean coal and pig iron disguised as Russian products in possible violation of worldwide sanctions, the South Korean customs agency said Friday.

North Korea has described the senior officials' approach as "gangster-like" as they try to negotiate denuclearization, according to the report.

Seoul has been examining nine cases of potential imports of North Korean coal, which would breach a resolution passed last August by the U.N. Security Council to choke off funding for Pyongyang's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

The agency said it would take measures such as an entry ban or seizure of ships if the 14 vessels that transported coal from North Korea to Russian Federation, and from Russian Federation to South Korea, are found to be in violation of the United Nations sanctions on North Korea. Speaking to CNN on Monday, he said "we're waiting for the North Koreans to begin the process of denuclearization, which they committed to in Singapore and which they've not yet done".

Fox anchor Jillian Mele read the last story in the headline segment, which depicted from North Korea of Kim Jong Un taking his wife on a tour of a fish pickling factory, starting out the segment saying that "Kim Jong Un is quite the romantic".

A foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement on state-run KCNA that North Korea was still willing to institute the broad agreement reached at the June 12 summit meeting in Singapore between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. "We're going to continue to apply maximum pressure to North Korea until they denuclearize, just as we are to Iran".

North Korea is renewing its harsh criticism of the United States for failing to live up to the spirit of the Singapore summit, but Pyongyang is sparing President Trump as it blames "some high-level officials" within the administration.

South Korea's Presidential spokesman Kim Eui-keum said on Monday Seoul is "asking North Korea to speed up its denuclearization" and asking the U.S. to "show honest efforts about corresponding measures that North Korea is demanding".

Earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Russia, China and other countries against any violation of worldwide sanctions on North Korea that could reduce pressure on the North to abandon its nuclear weapons.

Pyongyang has also stepped up its calls for a formal end to the Korean War, which some analysts believe is meant to be the first step in the North's effort to eventually see all 28,500 USA troops leave the Korean Peninsula.

"We remain unchanged in our will to uphold the intentions of the top leaders of (North Korea) and the United States and to build trust and implement in good faith the (Trump-Kim) joint statement step by step", it said.

Bolton, who spoke on Tuesday, said Trump, in a letter to Kim, proposed sending Pompeo back to North Korea, and that Trump was ready to meet with Kim any time.

However, the statement offered the US a way forward if it responds sincerely "even at this belated time".

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